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Vulpiano Records was launched in November 2009 by synth musician Marilyn Roxie. Initially created as a place to house unsigned and independent artists Roxie had gotten to know from connecting with friends on social music sites and submissions to their music blog A Future in Noise. These artists got on board with Roxie’s vision of a carefully curated selection of legally free digital music. The music is licensed under Creative Commons to encourage sharing of this fabulous music with friends and through blogs and podcasts. Some artists choose to offer pay-what-you-want or limited physical release copies in addition to the digital release. In June 2011, Solange Gularte of Natural Snow Buildings designed a logo of a fox curled up (one eye shut, one watchful eye open) for the netlabel.

Vulpiano Records is available in its entirety on Internet Archive, a selection of 256kbps+ releases is available on Free Music Archive, and a selection of lossless releases is on Bandcamp.


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