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2023/3/15CAMP - VULPIANO RECORDS — 3/15/2023
2023/2/15CAMP - VULPIANO RECORDS — 2/15/2023
2022/12/21CAMP - VULPIANO RECORDS — 12/21/2022
2022/10/26CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 10/26/2022
2022/09/28CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 9/28/2022
2022/08/31CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 08/21/2022
2022/08/03CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 08/03/2022
2022/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah - Shadows in Anxiety/An Upward Wellness (VULP-0223)
2022/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Kaelin Bougneit - Untitled, 2022 (VULP-0222)
2022/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Enrico Falbo - Arunachala (VULP-0221)
2022/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Vladimir Luchansky - Cape Langeron (VULP-0220)
2022/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — The Gold Miner's Tusk - Days in the Hive (VULP-0219)
2022/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett - Ever An Imperfect Silence (VULP-0218)
2022/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Taker 51 - The Spacial One Comeback Special (VULP-0217)
2022/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Nicolas Tourney - Nur (VULP-0216)
2022/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Fabio Keiner - wintersongs (VULP-0215)
2022/06/17VULPIANO RECORDS — Lhas Fawn - Laho (VULP-0214)
2022/06/10VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn - Waterwalk - Extended (VULP-0213)
2022/06/08CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 06/08/2022
2022/06/03VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 16 (VULP-0212)
2022/05/11CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 05/11/2022
2022/04/26Sonemic Interview: Caroline Loveglow
2022/03/15Sonemic Interview: Ethereal Shroud
2022/02/05VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth - Dog Fight (VULP-0211)
2022/01/26R. Weis - noitatu MovE oveR
2022/01/21Clarence Clarity Discord Server Mixtape and Zine: BM Vol. 2: Apocalypse
2021/12/31VULPIANO RECORDS — Wood Ship - Hunters (VULP-0210)
2021/12/31VULPIANO RECORDS — Fabio Keiner - shiva-rudra (VULP-0209)
2021/12/23Sonemic Selects: Front Page Features
2021/12/11VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth - Servant to Myself (VULP-0208)
2021/12/03VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 15 (VULP-0207)
2021/11/27Sonemic Selects: Afrobeat
2021/11/02VULPIANO RECORDS — Lhas Fawn - Numb Terra (VULP-0206)
2021/10/26VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 14 (VULP-0205)
2021/10/24Sonemic Interview: Fishmans Film Team
2021/10/23Sonemic Selects: Darkwave
2021/10/08VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn - Seahorses (VULP-0204)
2021/09/29CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 09/29/2021
2021/09/27Sonemic Selects: Jangle Pop
2021/09/24VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett - The Nightmarist (VULP-0203)
2021/09/01CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 09/01/2021
2021/08/18Sonemic Selects: Sleep
2021/08/04CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 08/04/2021
2021/08/03VULPIANO RECORDS — guinpens - girls (VULP-0202)
2021/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett - A Space For Your Dreams (VULP-0201)
2021/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth - Human Design (VULP-0200)
2021/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Torre di Fine - CAORSO / 7GOLD (VULP-0199)
2021/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Nicolas Tourney - Jetty (VULP-0198)
2021/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Rrrrrose Azerty - the wave my heart cannot take (VULP-0197)
2021/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — ish10 yow1r0 i am dreaming of the day we can be together. (VULP-0196)
2021/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Delicasession - Butterfly (VULP-0195)
2021/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Equinox x Xqui - Pickpocket (Original Version) (VULP-0194)
2021/07/07CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 07/07/2021
2021/07/03Sonemic Selects: Minimalism
2021/06/18VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett - Imagined Within These Hands (VULP-0193)
2021/06/12Sonemic Selects: Pride
2021/06/11Sonemic Selects: Electric Blues
2021/06/11VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth - It's not what you think it is (VULP-0192)
2021/06/09CAMP Radio - Derek Piotr and Jinsie for VULPIANO RECORDS — 6/09/2021
2021/05/12CAMP Radio - Brevyn for VULPIANO RECORDS — 5/12/2021
2021/04/30VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett - Sleepswitch (VULP-0191)
2021/04/17Sonemic Selects: Dark Jazz
2021/04/14CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 4/14/2021
2021/04/10Sonemic Interview: Clarence Clarity
2021/03/26Avenade - "Skydiving in the City" Music Video
2021/03/26VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn - Fish In Oceania / Lullaby For Sad Porpoise (VULP-0190)
2021/03/23VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett - All Our Days Are Full Of Sorrow (VULP-0189)
2021/03/17CAMP Radio - Lately Kind of Yeah for VULPIANO RECORDS — 3/17/2021
2021/03/13Sonemic Selects: Synthpop
2021/03/02VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn - Mouthbrooder / Seahorses (VULP-0188)
2021/02/22VULPIANO RECORDS — Torre di Fine - Torre di Fine (VULP-0187)
2021/02/17CAMP Radio - VULPIANO RECORDS — 2/17/2021
2021/02/12VULPIANO RECORDS — Vladimir Luchansky - Never Exposed, Gently Nourished (VULP-0186)
2021/01/20CAMP Radio - Lately Kind of Yeah for VULPIANO RECORDS — 1/20/2021
2020/12/23CAMP Radio – Vulpiano Records – 12/23/2020
2020/12/04Sonemic Selects: Stoner Metal
2020/11/25CAMP Radio – Vulpiano Records – 11/25/2020
2020/11/20VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett - You Are Nothing But Light (VULP-0185)
2020/11/07Dennis Cooper’s Blog: Marilyn Roxie presents … The Inescapable Weirdness of Mario 64
2020/10/30VULPIANO RECORDS — Nicolas Tourney - Aër (VULP-0184)
2020/10/28CAMP Radio – Vulpiano Records – 10/28/2020
2020/10/03VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 13 (VULP-0183)
2020/10/02Sonemic Selects: Progressive Electronic
2020/09/20Sonemic Mix: Instrumental Relax
2020/09/19VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth – A State of Mind (VULP-0182)
2020/09/14CAMP Radio – Vulpiano Records – 9/30/2020
2020/09/13Interview with gbogn / Mike LeSuer with Marilyn Roxie – on the indispensability of rate your music
2020/09/13VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth – Young Bloods / Beasts EP (VULP-0181)
2020/09/12Marilyn Roxie’s Pixel Lenormand
2020/09/05Sonemic Interview: Luke Rowell (Eyeliner / Disasteradio)
2020/09/04Sonemic Mix: Instrumental Focus
2020/08/16Sonemic Selects: Industrial Hip-Hop
2020/08/02Sonemic Selects: Neo-Psychedelia
2020/07/26Sonemic Selects: Math Rock
2020/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn – Liquid Forest (VULP-0180)
2020/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Enrico Falbo – Planktón (VULP-0179)
2020/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Vladimir Luchansky – Never Coming Through (VULP-0178)
2020/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Nicolas Tourney – Shams (VULP-0177)
2020/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — ish10 yow1r0 – the sky looks so close, but it’s far (VULP-0176)
2020/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Delicasession – x2 (VULP-0175)
2020/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Rrrrrose Azerty – Imaginez le bruit du ruisseau et les oiseaux (VULP-0174)
2020/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — My Heart, Your Thunder – Noise Experiment (VULP-0173)
2020/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Xqui – Horses (VULP-0172)
2020/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Walt Thisney – Thisintoxica (VULP-0171)
2020/07/13Music Video for Delicasession - "x2"
2020/07/10Sonemic Interview: Red Vox / Vinny
2020/07/04Sonemic Selects: Ambient Pop
2020/06/30VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn – Short Circuits (VULP-0170)
2020/06/28Sonemic Selects: Bossa Nova
2020/06/23List-Making: Daniel Radcliffe – Favorite Music
2020/06/21Sonemic Selects: Progressive Pop
2020/06/21Sonemic Interview: Backxwash
2020/06/05VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth – This is Not My Church (VULP-0169)
2020/06/03Sonemic Selects: Black Sounds
2020/05/29VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth – This is Not My Church (VULP-0168)
2020/05/23Sonemic Selects: Art Punk
2020/05/22VULPIANO RECORDS — J.G. Hackett – Acid Alliteration (VULP-0167)
2020/05/22VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 12 (VULP-0166)
2020/05/21List-Making: Gregg Araki – Film Music and Favorites
2020/05/16Sonemic Interview: Weatherday | Lola’s Pocket PC
2020/05/09Sonemic Interview: Keith Rankin | Orange Milk Records, Giant Claw, Death’s Dynamic Shroud
2020/05/02Sonemic Interview: Iglooghost
2020/05/01VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn – Faint Image (VULP-0165)
2020/04/25Sonemic Selects: Noise Pop
2020/04/20VULPIANO RECORDS — Kaelin Bougneit & Devon Ford – Hayagriva (VULP-0164)
2020/04/16Sonemic Selects: Psychedelic Pop
2020/03/28Sonemic Selects: Avant-Garde Jazz
2020/03/26Music Video for King Elizabeth - "Girls & Boys"
2020/03/24VULPIANO RECORDS — Nicolas Tourney – Sightline (VULP-0163)
2020/03/23Sonemic Selects: Noise Rock
2020/03/13VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth – The Awakening (VULP-0162)
2020/03/07Rate Your Music: Popular in 2020
2020/03/06VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth – Girls & Boys (VULP-0161)
2020/02/21VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn – Lunar Wand (VULP-0160)
2020/02/15Sonemic Interview: Frenchie | Agvirre
2020/02/08Sonemic Selects: Art Rock
2020/01/26Sonemic Selects: Bubblegum Bass
2020/01/11Time Generator
2020/01/05K-Pop Release Generator
2019/12/20Sonemic Interview: Nmesh
2019/12/14Rate Your Music: Best of 2019
2019/12/06VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett – Ephemeral (VULP-0159)
2019/11/26VULPIANO RECORDS — Monplaisir – Un jour je saurai (VULP-0158)
2019/11/22VULPIANO RECORDS — My Heart, Your Thunder – Sore Tooth (VULP-0157)
2019/11/18VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Ten-Year Anniversary (VULP-0156)
2019/11/17VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Challenger (VULP-0155)
2019/11/15Rate Your Music: 100 Top Albums of the 2010s
2019/11/15VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Rampart (VULP-0154)
2019/11/07VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Gastr (VULP-0153)
2019/11/01VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Czabeth (VULP-0152)
2019/10/31Sonemic Selects: Halloween
2019/10/29Rate Your Music: Popular in 2019
2019/10/26Sonemic Interview: Momus
2019/10/25VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Espers (VULP-0151)
2019/10/18VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Phthalo (VULP-0150)
2019/10/18Sonemic Selects: Cloud Rap
2019/10/04Sonemic Selects: Psychedelic Folk
2019/09/22Sonemic Selects: Autumn Leaves
2019/09/21Sonemic Interview: TheScientist | RYM Ultimate Box Set
2019/09/18Sonemic Selects: Dream Pop
2019/09/17VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Skullduggery (VULP-0149)
2019/08/30VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Poindexter (VULP-0148)
2019/08/21Sonemic Interview: Yuko Zama | Erstwhile Records, Elsewhere Music, Gravity Wave
2019/08/16Sonemic Selects: Post-Rock
2019/08/16VULPIANO RECORDS — Florian Decros – Ab absurdo (VULP-0147)
2019/08/02VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Sturm und Drang (VULP-0146)
2019/07/28Sonemic Selects: Vaporwave
2019/07/20Sonemic Interview: Vito James | DMT Tapes FL
2019/07/18Moons and Melodies Guest Post: 5 Underrated Video Game Soundtracks (as selected by Marilyn Roxie)
2019/07/14Interview by Majestic Mess with Marilyn Roxie on Genderqueer Flag
2019/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Xqui – GPS (VULP-0145)
2019/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Taker 51 – Acoustic DJ (VULP-0144)
2019/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Osiris Saline – Weird John Malkovich (VULP-0143)
2019/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Continue (VULP-0142)
2019/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Delicasession – Die Reise (VULP-0141)
2019/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn – Gemstone Study Vol. 1 (VULP-0140)
2019/07/13Sonemic Selects: Hi-NRG
2019/07/13Sonemic Selects: Future Funk
2019/07/09VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Voyage (VULP-0139)
2019/06/29Sonemic Interview: George Clanton
2019/06/23Sonemic Selects: Death Metal
2019/06/22Sonemic Selects: Breezy Summer
2019/06/21VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Summit (VULP-0137)
2019/06/21VULPIANO RECORDS — Various Artists – Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 11 (VULP-0138)
2019/06/10Sonemic Selects: Abstract and Experimental Hip Hop
2019/05/28VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Hutton’s Paradox (VULP-0136)
2019/05/27Music Video for Brevyn – “Spires”
2019/05/19Rate Your Music: Best of 2018
2019/05/14Sonemic Selects: Shoegaze
2019/05/10VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn – Spires (VULP-0135)
2019/05/03VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Sol Saga (VULP-0134)
2019/04/19Sonemic Selects: Shibuya-Kei
2019/04/05Sonemic Selects: Post-Punk
2019/03/29VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Two Shapes Apart (VULP-0133)
2019/03/28Sonemic Selects: Pastoral Spring
2019/03/15Sonemic Selects: 2019
2019/03/12VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – The Lost Adventures of Vexx (VULP-0132)
2019/02/25Bubble Tea Generator
2019/02/23Music Video for Anthony Hansen – “Snowblind (Over The Territories)”
2019/02/15Featured in Transgender: A Reference Handbook
2019/02/14Sonemic Selects: Valentine's Day
2019/02/06VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn – Ocean Flower (VULP-0131)
2019/02/02VULPIANO RECORDS — ish10 yow1r0 – the white feathers of a little angel / i always be alienated by others (VULP-0130)
2018/12/18VULPIANO RECORDS — Zapa – Images (VULP-0129)
2018/12/15Music Video for Brevyn – “Moonbow”
2018/12/13Sonemic Selects: Christmas Music
2018/12/07Sonemic Selects: Energetic Rhythms
2018/12/01Featured in Chloe Aftel – Outside & In Between Monograph
2018/11/23Sonemic Selects: Winter Chill
2018/11/16Sonemic Selects: 2018
2018/10/19VULPIANO RECORDS — ish10 yow1r0 – diva’s false singing voice (VULP-0128)
2018/10/16VULPIANO RECORDS — Kariatida – III (VULP-0127)
2018/09/07VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 10 (VULP-0126)
2018/08/31VULPIANO RECORDS — Walt Thisney – Bhakthis (VULP-0125)
2018/08/25VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn – Liquid Sunlight (VULP-0124)
2018/08/17VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett – Keep Your Eye On The Time (VULP-0123)
2018/08/10Music Video Premiere for Xqui – “Bun (Sheer Zed’s Finger Roll RMX)” on Fortitude Magazine
2018/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Branch Line Idols – Decision EP (VULP-0118)
2018/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Delicasession – Illusions (VULP-0117)
2018/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Brevyn – Sea Cave / Indigo (VULP-0116)
2018/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Xqui – Breaking (VULP-0115)
2018/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Vukovar – Tryst of Emanations (VULP-0114)
2018/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — The Paint – Change / Flashlight (VULP-0122)
2018/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — J.G. Hackett – Now Experience Each Other’s Deaths Through Social Media (VULP-0121)
2018/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett – The Ambulance (VULP-0120)
2018/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Osiris Saline – Tend to It (VULP-0119)
2018/06/24Motion/less: Manchester School of Art MA Filmmaking and Photography Exhibition
2018/06/2410,000 Imaginary Boys
2018/06/13VULPIANO RECORDS — Mutestare – A Violet Wind (VULP-0113)
2018/06/10The Remarkable Rocket – Pastel Edition
2018/06/08Nature Twink, a Video Collaboration with Jet Caputo and Lately Kind of Yeah
2018/05/31Just Experimenting – Playing the Sexual Edge of Film: June 8th, 2018 at the Center for Sex and Culture
2018/05/30Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2018
2018/05/17Dennis Cooper’s Blog: Marilyn Roxie presents … The Boys of VOCALOID
2018/05/15VULPIANO RECORDS — Kariatida – I (VULP-0112)
2018/05/11VIDEO HOOK-UPS: Worship the Glitch
2018/03/27Show Me a Real Picture of Saturn
2018/03/23VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP Vol. 9 (VULP-0111)
2018/03/16VULPIANO RECORDS — Zapa – Triangle (VULP-0110)
2018/03/12VULPIANO RECORDS — Nick Silva – Somewhere Way Too Far (VULP-0109)
2018/03/06Virtual Photography: The Camera Within Video Games
2018/03/05Photo Featured in ‘In Pursuit of Error’
2018/03/01A Sampling of My Favorite Twitter Bots
2018/02/22VIDEO HOOK-UPS: Music Videos as “Low” Filmmaking?
2018/02/15Songs of Near and Far Away: A Fairytale Oracle
2018/02/12Challenging Art and Media: The Problem With “Problematic”
2018/02/04HE – An Adult Interactive Story
2018/02/03The Public Tarot: Generative Fortunes
2018/01/30Decipher: Digital Futures Exhibition, February 8th 2018
2018/01/17VIDEO HOOK-UPS: Video Painting
2018/01/15VIDEO HOOK-UPS: Interview with Bob Bicknell-Knight
2018/01/09VIDEO HOOK-UPS Fundraiser and Call for Proposals
2018/01/05Showreel – Spring 2018
2018/01/01My Top 25 Music Releases of 2017
2017/12/08Dennis Cooper’s Blog: Marilyn Roxie presents … Twink Studies
2017/12/01Appearance in Charlie McNabb’s Nonbinary Gender Identities: History, Culture, Resources
2017/10/25RYM Ultimate Box Set > Post-Punk II
2017/09/02Aural Medium Submissions Vol 1
2017/09/01look to the future-past: curated by Marilyn Roxie 1st – 8th September
2017/08/04STABLE Release Party at The Hole in Oakland, 8/4/2017
2017/08/03Music Video for Vukovar – “The Clockwork Dance”
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Galaxie Depression (VULP-0108)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — The Brutalist House – Selected Ambient Twinks (VULP-0107)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — M Gewehr – Affordable Housing (VULP-0106)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — r.u.u.n.e. – THE DEBUG ROOM (VULP-0105)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Murmurous – Fathom (VULP-0104)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Anton Rothschild – It’s Not Vegas (VULP-0103)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Marilyn Roxie – Devil’s Own Luck (VULP-0102)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Raúl Díaz Palomar – Música Para Benjamín Rubio, Ejemplo De Lucha (VULP-0101)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 8 (VULP-0100)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Deathbird Stories – Eidolons (VULP-0099)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Bisamråtta – Life on MARS (VULP-0098)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — The Paint – Lay Down (VULP-0097)
2017/07/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Delicasession – Soar (VULP-0096)
2017/07/13VULPIANO RECORDS — Abishai – Memento Mori (VULP-0095)
2017/07/13VULPIANO RECORDS — Osiris Saline – Memories From a Dead Star (VULP-0094)
2017/07/11B4BEL4B Art Gallery: Elia Vargas – Lubricated Substrates 6/30 – 7/29
2017/07/01Biya Byte: Discord EXPLAINED
2017/06/10Selected Ambient Twinks
2017/05/31Just Experimenting: Video Art Exploring the Margins of Gender and Sexuality
2017/04/26ASI Art Gallery Zine Launch, April 26th 2017 @ 5pm
2017/04/26Martin Wong Gallery: Unconventional Practice, Reception 4/27 @ 5pm
2017/03/07Music Video for Momus – “Virtual Reality”
2017/02/27Music Video for Pictureplane – “Chaos Radical”
2017/02/24Video: I’d like to feel the warmth
2017/02/19VULPIANO RECORDS — Derek Piotr – Precurs [Single] (VULP-0093)
2017/02/16Interview by Keith Helt for the Netlabel Interview Project
2017/02/09VULPIANO RECORDS — Enrico Falbo – Tranceformer (VULP-0092)
2017/02/06VULPIANO RECORDS — Abishai – Various Extras (VULP-0091)
2017/01/02VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 7 (VULP-0090)
2016/12/30VULPIANO RECORDS — Marilyn Roxie – The Common Room (VULP-0089)
2016/12/07Artists’ Television Access: Cloudy Eggnog, December 15th, 2016 8pm
2016/12/07Music Video for Enrico Falbo’s “Trance-Forme”
2016/11/25Dennis Cooper’s Blog: Marilyn Roxie presents … Video Game Photography
2016/11/23Music Video for Neurotic Wreck – “Tell Me What to Swallow”
2016/11/02Music Video for Natural Snow Buildings – “Providence’s High Priests
2016/11/01VULPIANO RECORDS — Trip.Logic – Here and Now [Single] (VULP-0087)
2016/10/29Music Video for Trip Logic’s “Here and Now”
2016/10/21Vukovar – “The Three Shades” Music Video Collage
2016/10/13VULPIANO RECORDS — Golden Grey – Greenish Blue (VULP-0085)
2016/09/13Dennis Cooper’s Blog: Marilyn Roxie presents … Visual Music and Colorful Video Art
2016/08/01Music Video for Neurotic Wreck – “The Rain”
2016/07/16Interview by Rave and Roll Blog with Marilyn Roxie and Dan Wreck
2016/07/16VULPIANO RECORDS — Neurotic Wreck – Glow Ghosts (VULP-0084)
2016/07/16VULPIANO RECORDS — Natural Snow Buildings – Aldebaran (VULP-0083)
2016/07/16VULPIANO RECORDS — Taker 51 – Melanchordia (VULP-0082)
2016/07/16VULPIANO RECORDS — Enrico Falbo – Il Giorno del Richiamo Estatico (VULP-0081)
2016/07/01Marilyn Roxie – “Gold Rainbow”
2016/07/01Ludowika: #1: Femme Music Night
2016/06/27VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 6 (VULP-0080)
2016/06/17VULPIANO RECORDS — Golden Grey – Awaken the Wolf (VULP-0078)
2016/06/06Chaostrophy :artworks inspired by the music and history of the band Coil
2016/05/17Marilyn Roxie and Neurotic Wreck – “Obsidian Offerings”
2016/04/19Music Video Showing at Re/Action Exhibition at SF State, 4/21
2016/04/16VULPIANO RECORDS — Zapa – The Long Trick (VULP-0075)
2016/04/15VULPIANO RECORDS — Neurotic Wreck – Priceless, Bloody Priceless (VULP-0074)
2016/04/13Video for DYR FASER – “Doorway to Nowhere”
2016/04/02VULPIANO RECORDS — North Hive – Arrow (VULP-0073)
2016/03/15VULPIANO RECORDS — Thorn1 – The Leave of Leaves (VULP-0072)
2016/03/12VULPIANO RECORDS — Raúl Díaz Palomar – Maqbara (VULP-0071)
2016/02/18Video for DYR FASER – “His Dreams Are Connected”
2016/02/18Vulpiano Records on Free Music Archive
2016/02/17VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 5 (VULP-0070)
2016/02/17Video for the narrow musketeer – “ripper wave”
2015/12/19Music Video for Neurotic Wreck – “Funeral of Roses”
2015/12/18Music Video for Neurotic Wreck Premiering at ATA 12/18/2015
2015/11/05Interesting Link Round-Up 11/5/2015
2015/10/27Interesting Link Round-Up 10/27/15
2015/10/23An interview with me appears in Polish feminist publication Wysokie Obcasy on the subject of Chloe Aftel‘s genderqueer photo series. [no longer online!]
2015/10/20Interesting Link Round-Up 10/20/2015
2015/10/17Music Made From Ages 15 – 19 Now on Internet Archive
2015/10/12Interesting Link Round-Up 10/12/2015
2015/09/08anecdotal / podcast w/ aaron tsuru 15.09.08 #genderqueernyc [no longer online!]
2015/08/10VULPIANO RECORDS — Bisamråtta – Försiktigt (VULP-0056)
2015/07/26My Submission to Screenshots of Despair
2015/07/23American Library Association: Nonbinary Gender Identities in Media: An Annotated Bibliography ALA.ORG
2015/07/08Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders Now on Vimeo
2015/06/04Coming Out as Trangender, Genderqueer, and/or Non-Binary Masterpost
2015/02/17Chance Operations: Digital Photography/Geocache/Second Life
2015/02/14Playlist: Fragile Beauty
2015/02/01VULPIANO RECORDS — J.G. Hackett – Shadow Torture (VULP-0055)
2015/01/01VULPIANO RECORDS — Natural Snow Buildings – The Night Country (VULP-0054)
2014/12/28A Future in Noise ♪♫♪ – Favorite Releases of 2014
2014/12/19Interview By Fabulously Feminist with Marilyn Roxie on Modern Times Bookstore Collective
2014/12/18VULPIANO RECORDS — J.G. Hackett – The Sins of Science (VULP-0053)
2014/11/28VULPIANO RECORDS — J.G. Hackett – Bootleg Romanticism (VULP-0052)
2014/07/20Chloe Aftel: GenderQueer are portraits of the San Francisco area community of genderqueer persons (PHOTOS).
2014/07/13Bookish Beasts Vol. 2
2014/06/17VULPIANO RECORDS — North Hive – Immersion (VULP-0051)
2014/03/27Dennis Cooper’s Blog: Dan Wreck and Marilyn Roxie Present … Rowland S. Howard Day
2013/12/06VULPIANO RECORDS — Raul Diaz Palomar – Música Para Poder Contra Verdad (VULP-0050)
2013/11/09Dennis Cooper’s Blog: Marilyn Roxie presents … Asian Male Ball Jointed Dolls
2013/10/23VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 4 (VULP-0049)
2013/09/26VULPIANO RECORDS — Bisamråtta – Bisamråtta (VULP-0048)
2013/08/06VULPIANO RECORDS — guinpens – Bubbles (VULP-0047)
2013/06/10VULPIANO RECORDS — Zapa – Words: A Tribute to W.B. Yeats (VULP-0046)
2013/05/30Dennis Cooper’s Blog: Marilyn Roxie presents … The Music in Dennis Cooper’s Books
2013/05/04VULPIANO RECORDS — Aseptic Void – Carnal (VULP-0045)
2013/04/27RYM Ultimate Box Set > Vaporwave
2013/04/23A night of genderQueer readings with Jiz Lee, Sam Rosenthal, Carol Queen, and more!
2013/03/26How to Explore Gender and Sexual Characteristics in Second Life’s Virtual World: Getting Started
2013/03/19VULPIANO RECORDS — Neurotic Wreck – I’m Laura Palmer EP (VULP-0044)
2012/12/15VULPIANO RECORDS — Aseptic Void – Alone (EP) (VULP-0042)
2012/11/10A Future in Noise Interview: Pictureplane
2012/10/08VULPIANO RECORDS — Hanetration – Torn Heat EP (VULP-0041)
2012/09/20VULPIANO RECORDS — Tim Doyle – Micro-Brew (VULP-0040)
2012/08/24VULPIANO RECORDS — Bisamråtta – Bisamråtta (VULP-0039)
2012/07/017 Questions – Marilyn | We Happy Trans
2012/02/01VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth – MIAMI (VULP-0038)
2012/01/20A Reignited Love for Wikis
2012/01/17VULPIANO RECORDS — the narrow musketeer ‎– the narrow musketeer (VULP-0037)
2011/11/12Websites and Free Software that Enhance Productivity
2011/11/11Interview with Marilyn Roxie
2011/11/11Interview with Carol Queen at the Center for Sex & Culture
2011/08/07VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 3 (VULP-0036)
2011/08/03VULPIANO RECORDS — The Long Afternoon – Swinging Singles (VULP-0035)
2011/06/28VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Veldt (VULP-0034)
2011/06/19VULPIANO RECORDS, Red Bellows – “Three.six.five” (VULP-0033)
2011/06/15VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth – Obsessive Desires (VULP-0032)
2011/06/13VULPIANO RECORDS — Lately Kind of Yeah – Storm and Urge (VULP-0031)
2011/06/11VULPIANO RECORDS — King Elizabeth – “Homecoming” (VULP-0030)
2011/06/10VULPIANO RECORDS, Vulpiano Records mentioned in a piece in the Spring 2011 issue of UK fanzine Scared to Dance
2011/06/02VULPIANO RECORDS — Unsub ‎– Perspective (VULP-0029)
2011/06/01VULPIANO RECORDS, Vulpiano Records now has a new kitsune/fox logo
2011/05/31Sleepwalking Mag (Guest Post): Making a Case for the Horrors
2011/05/31A Future in Noise: Interview with Richard Lloyd
2011/05/31Academic Writing: Genderqueer History and Identities
2011/05/31A Future in Noise: Starter Guide: The Fall
2011/04/10A Future in Noise ♪♫♪: Interview with Moe Adame (Burning Image)
2011/04/05VULPIANO RECORDS — Fire Island Pines – Bratislava EP (VULP-0027)
2011/04/04VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett’s – Flawed Above Bored (VULP-0026)
2011/03/19VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett – Flawed Above Bored (Single) (VULP-0025)
2011/02/13VULPIANO RECORDS — Le Fils des Trois Mousquetaires – elle dégrafa son anacoluthe et l’oublia sur le lit (VULP-0024)
2011/02/06VULPIANO RECORDS — J.G. Hackett – Trans-Racial-Impression (VULP-0023)
2011/01/30VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 2 (VULP-0022)
2010/11/29VULPIANO RECORDS — Snail Quail – Phoenix, AZ (VULP-0021)
2010/10/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Vladee Divacc – Hoop Dreamz EP (VULP-0020)
2020/10/01Marilyn Roxie's Manic Street Preacher link archive VISIONBLURRED is cited as a reference in Martin Power's 'Nailed to History'
2010/09/29VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett – Void Songs (VULP-0019)
2010/09/23VULPIANO RECORDS — Tiny Tide – Baltic Avenue (VULP-0018)
2010/09/21A Future in Noise ♪♫♪: Interview with ‘Richard’ Author Ben Myers
2010/07/24VULPIANO RECORDS — Microscopes – Points of Interest (VULP-0017)
2010/07/08VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett – Softly, Slowly (VULP-0016)
2010/05/30VULPIANO RECORDS — Richey Hackett – An Introduction to Richey Hackett (VULP-0015)
2010/03/19VULPIANO RECORDS — Year of the Tiger – Electric (VULP-0014)
2010/03/17VULPIANO RECORDS — Natural Snow Buildings – The Centauri Agent (VULP-0013)
2010/03/04VULPIANO RECORDS — Ricky Lynn – Loops (VULP-0012)
2010/02/20A Future in Noise ♪♫♪: Interview With Calvin Markus (Dead Times) II
2010/02/20A Future in Noise ♪♫♪: Interview with Calvin Markus from Dead Times
2010/02/19VULPIANO RECORDS — Worthy Eardrum Party – Lost Property (VULP-0010)
2010/02/19VULPIANO RECORDS — – Alias Splinters Routine (VULP-0008)
2010/02/18VULPIANO RECORDS — Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 1 (VULP-0011)
2010/01/25VULPIANO RECORDS — Ava Zandieh – Patterns and Drones (VULP-0009)
2010/01/21VULPIANO RECORDS — Anton Rothschild – Year of the Kitten (VULP-0007)
2010/01/01VULPIANO RECORDS — Vito Genovese – Dead Ends and Fire Extinguishers (VULP-0006)
2009/12/22VULPIANO RECORDS — Calvin Markus – Three Days of Sound: Music From the Film (VULP-0005)
2009/12/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Ian France – High Places / Crackabow (VULP-0004)
2009/12/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Zapa – Songs 2006-2009 (VULP-0003)
2009/12/14VULPIANO RECORDS — Tiny Tide – The Smiths & The Cure (VULP-0002)
2009/12/03VULPIANO RECORDS — Le Fils des Trois Mousquetaires – pendant ce temps-là, en 1942 (VULP-0001)
2009/11/16RYM Ultimate Box Set > Synth Punk
2009/10/31A Future in Noise ♪♫♪: E.K. Wimmer – The Invisible Audience + Interview
2009/09/25A Future in Noise ♪♫♪: Gig Review: Manic Street Preachers w/ Nico Vega, 9/24/09 at the Fillmore SF
2009/08/14RYM Ultimate Box Set > Glam Punk
2009/08/05RYM Ultimate Box Set > Psychedelic Folk
2009/07/13AFIN Music Conference
2009/06/01A Future in Noise ♪♫♪: Artist Interview: Shok
2009/05/28RYM Ultimate Box Set > Coldwave
2009/05/27A Future in Noise ♪♫♪: Starter Guide: Post-Punk
2009/05/17RYM Ultimate Box Set > Neo-Psychedelia
2009/04/22RYM Ultimate Box Set > Mod
2009/04/21RYM Ultimate Box Set > Post-Punk