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Genderqueer and non-binary pride flag by Marilyn Roxie is available in the public domain, previously under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The genderqueer and non-binary pride flag is a Marilyn Roxie design, 3rd and final version created in June 2011 (with a true color update in June of 2012), modified from version 1.0 in June 2010, and 2.0 in September 2010. The design is aesthetically similar to the gay and lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, and pansexual flags; that is, horizontal bars of color with special meaning. The meaning of the colors in the genderqueer and non-binary flag design are as follows:

Lavender (#b57edc): The mixture of blue and pink (traditional colors associated with men and women, present on the transgender pride flag) as lavender is meant to represent androgynes and androgyny. Also represents the  “queer” in genderqueer, as lavender is a color that has long been associated with “queerness” , including gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities.

White (#ffffff): Meant to represent agender identity, congruent with the gender neutral white on the transgender pride flag.

Dark chartreuse green (#4A8123): The inverse of lavender; meant to represent those whose identities which are defined outside of and without reference to the binary. Formerly (#498022), the color is now the true inverse of lavender (#b57edc).

The three colors are not meant to indicate that any of these identities are entirely separate or opposites of one another conceptually; they are all interrelated as well as key concepts in their own right, and there are more concepts and variation of gender and sexuality present that tie into genderqueer identities than can be listed here. The purpose of the flag is to help create visibility for the genderqueer community and related identities.

Please feel free to spread the flag design however you like. Linking back to the website is appreciated but not required. You are also welcome to drop me a line telling me how you utilized the design! Please note also that this licensing applies only to designs that I have made, not the submissions of visitors to this page, unless otherwise noted. If unsure, contact me about usage.

If genderqueer and non-binary identified individuals and groups feel they are represented in these colors and designs, for the purpose of helping to unite genderqueer and non-binary people and promote awareness within and outside the LGBTQ landscape, please feel free to use it.

The flag has been utilized in many places across the web and in physical space, from Reddit’s genderqueer subreddit to handmade bracelets and beanies, from a political rally in Moscow to the book spine of Sam Rosenthal’s Rye.

Referenced in Transgender: A Reference Handbook and Nonbinary Gender Identities: History, Culture, Resources.

Note, added April 2013: Please note that the design is not related to the any UK suffragette colors, flags, or other symbols – I have made a post explaining this.