Center for Sex & Culture

tumblr_m97yasjIgD1qjpzcgThe Center for Sex and Culture is a San Francisco non-profit dedicated to providing a community space and library that is welcoming to people across the spectrum of gender, sex, and sexuality diversity. I was a library intern, then social media and web manager, and finally media director for CSC, my time there spanning from 2011 – 2014.

My whole adventure with the Center was jump-started through reading PoMoSexuals and interviewing Carol Queen for a college project in CSC’s new Mission Street space.

Carol Queen – Photo by Marilyn Roxie
I contributed to book and periodical cataloging, website redesign, made regular news and event updates across CSC’s social media platforms, and successfully fundraised $2000 for the Center’s Grace Alley Mural Project. I was Media Director of CSC up until fall 2013 and was a content curator of photography, art, and events for the Center for Sex and Culture blog. Click here for posts on the CSC blog tagged ‘blogged by Marilyn Roxie’ (NSFW).


The Grace Alley Mural was eventually painted over due to repeated vandalism, though a thorough documentation of the mural’s progress in photos lives on in my photos. The mural features art by Eddie Colla, Finley Coyl, Amanda Lynn, and Eclair Acuda Bandersnatch.
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In 2013, I read “What Does It Mean to Be Genderqueer?” at CSC’s spoken word event A Night of GenderQueer Readings. I am making a return to the Center as a curator for a video show: Just Experimenting, coming June 2nd, 2017.