VULPIANO RECORDS, Zapa – The Long Trick (VULP-0075)

tumblr_o5quze5Gng1qaikyto1_500Zapa – The Long Trick (VULP-0075)

Zapa’s The Long Trick is a new acoustic album from Zapa. I have been consistently blown away by his talents since his early release at the very beginning of Vulpiano Records in 2009. Zapa has also released a tribute to poet W. B. Yeats in 2013, with poetry sung and set to music.

Zapa’s voice and command of the guitar is beautiful and always impressive, particularly on my favorite track on the album “Ghosts”. Do yourself a favor and pick up this release if you are interested in folk with heart that hearkens back to old-school folk and, at times, psychedelic sensibilities.

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1. The Foggy Dew

2. Ghosts

3. Song of the Gull

4. Make It Last

5. When I Get to the River

6. Across the Empty Vale

7. Down Mountain Crown

8. Next to You

9. Strange Stranger

10. Johnny’s Gone (Free and Easy)

All songs written by Miguel Zapata except ‘Johnny’s Gone’ (Traditional)
Miguel Zapata: 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars, piano, harmonica, percussion, vocals, production & all artwork.
Jacobo Manso: slide dobro on tracks 2 & 4.
Kenneth Cohen: accordion on tracks 3 & 8.
Fragment of John Masefield’s ‘Sea Fever’ on track 7 recited by Martin Crawley.
Recorded at home between September 2015 and February 2016.

VULPIANO RECORDS, Zapa – Words: A Tribute to W.B. Yeats (VULP-0046)

Zapa – Words: A Tribute to W.B. Yeats (VULP-0046) is a beautiful acoustic album, setting the poetry of William Butler Yeats to music. Miguel Zapata hails from Spain and is now located in London. This is the second Zapa release on Vulpiano Records after quite awhile, the first being 2009 compilation Songs 2006-2009. I am very pleased to offer this sweet tribute to a great poet by this talented fellow here on Vulpiano. I recommend checking out his incredible art as well.

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1. Words

2. Down By the Salley Gardens

3. To An Isle in the Water

4. The Wind Among the Reeds (Instrumental)

5. A Cradle Song

6. To An Isle in the Water (Alternate Version)

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VULPIANO RECORDS, Zapa – Songs 2006-2009 (VULP-0003)

Another Vulpiano Records release: VULP-0003, a compilation of tracks from Zapa (originally from Spain, now in the UK), another musician I have collaborated with that I am ~ecstatic~ to have on the label! I previously described him on AFIN as having “a lovely delivery of lyrics, and a softly psychedelic style that is a perfect chill-out soundtrack”. Go have a listen for yourself!

Download here on Internet Archive

Mirror on Mediafire

Recommended tracks: “Amar En Silencio” and “End of the Season”

Zapa: | MySpace


1. Sand in the Wood

2. End of the Season

3. Amar En Silencio

4. Summer Song (Song to Don)

5. Someday

6. Little Miss Juggler

7. Trail of Your Way

8. Erase Una Vez

9. The Station

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