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Vulpiano Records is once again participating in Netlabel Day. Last year’s event was a great success with 4 widely downloaded exclusive releases. I would love for some Vulpiano folks to join me once again for this very cool event on July 14th, 2017. If you are an artist that has not yet released with Vulpiano, here is your chance to participate!

This year’s deadline for participating is Friday, June 23rd 2017. You can release a single, EP, album, or compilation with Vulpiano. If you’re interested, please send along a ZIP file (320kbps+ mp3s and/or lossless WAVs for converting into mp3 and FLAC only) and any details about your album you’d like people to know before the deadline to marilynroxie [at]

Netlabel Day is an event initiated by the Chilean netlabel, M.I.S.T. Records where international netlabels come together to put out a flurry of high quality releases to celebrate netlabels and Creative Commons releases. More information is available here:

The release must be a digital exclusive for Vulpiano licensed with Creative Commons. The standard Vulpiano license is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives, which means people can share but not modify the work or use it commercially, though you can request any other Creative Commons license you like.

Please do let me know if you’re interested in participating, have any questions.

~Marilyn Roxie

VULPIANO RECORDS, Derek Piotr – Precurs [Single] (VULP-0093)

Derek Piotr – Precurs [Single] (VULP-0093)

Vulpiano Records is delighted to have Derek Piotr return for a re-release of “Precurs”. Originally appearing as a track on Alias Splinters Routine 7 years ago, Piotr has remixed the track and remastered the 2010 version.

A note from Derek Piotr:

before i officially [as i see it now] launched my solo career, i did a noise-and-spoken-word project during much of 2009 and released it on vulpiano records feb 19, 2010. one track has always stuck out for me from that project, a duet with Carahanni, “precurs” . i decided to resurrect and do a solo only version of this weird little track in honor of the project turning 7, as well as “remixing” the original photos i took for the artwork of lichen mimicking a circuit board. and happy to say after all this years i can still call vulpiano home. wolf piano!!

Download and stream on Bandcamp:

Internet Archive:

Free Music Archive:

Mirror on Mediafire:

Derek Piotr is a Polish-born electroacoustic sound artist and composer whose main focus is the voice. His work often features heavily manipulated vocals and elements of glitch and musique concrète, resulting in either abstract pieces or traditional song structure.

Interview by Keith Helt for the Netlabel Interview Project

What is your name?

Marilyn Roxie.

Where are you located?

San Francisco, California.

Do you save any materials – digital files, emails, physical materials – related to your netlabel? Are you interested in organizing or archiving them?

I have all files at the highest quality from Vulpiano Records backed up on two external hard drives and all email in a labeled folder. I feel like the Vulpiano site, Internet Archive, and Free Music Archive are fairly sufficient for archiving, while I consider the emails personal.

How and when did you first learn about netlabels?

I would have been either 18 or 19 (2008/2009) and I’m thinking it would’ve been through browsing music blogs or

Do you remember which music blogs you were reading around 2008 and 2009 that were talking about netlabel releases?

Aside from New Music Strategies and Andrew Dubber‘s writing more generally, I definitely used the MOG Music Network, Hype Machine, and, which are more aggregation engines that collect/ed blog mp3 uploads rather than being ‘blogs’ in themselves, to find a lot of music, which I’m sure included netlabel releases. Phlow was one of my A Future in Noise blogroll links and would’ve been an early spot I saw mention of that, though I’ve not checked it out in a long time; you can see an old version of Phlow here where that’s evident.

Do you feel like more or less or the same amount of blogs are talking about netlabels now compared to 2008? 

I remember seeing a lot more about unsigned artists who were self-releasing music and of course content about mainstream releases, rather than much about netlabels specifically, and I suppose that’s a big reason why I thought Vulpiano would be a good idea: to wrangle up quality unsigned artists into one spot. I feel like there is a much greater awareness and discussion of netlabels than there was in 2008/2009 thanks to social media, archiving sites and directories like Free Music Archive and clongclongmoo, initiatives like Netlabel Day – the list goes on.

What was the first netlabel you heard of?

That’s a very good question. I’m not entirely sure if there was a specific netlabel I was a fan of before starting my own. I had some awareness of 8bitpeoples. I know for sure I read Andrew Dubber’s 2008 New Music Strategies article on netlabels when I was starting to think about it.