VULPIANO RECORDS, Richey Hackett’s – Flawed Above Bored (VULP-0026)

Following the single release of the same title, VULP-0026 is Richey Hackett’s eighth album Flawed Above Bored. Described by Hackett as much more stripped down than his previous release, Flawed finds Hackett rising out of the darkness of Void Songs and into lighter atmosphere even when the subject matter is heavy, with a strong sense of melody (“Breakdown in Communication”) and moving guitar work (“Modern Paranoia”, “Never Gonna Be Famous”). Stand-out tracks here include “Modern Paranoia”, “Flawed Above Bored”, and the churning, mysterious “To Bring Me Around”. Album cover designed by Ben Enser.

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1. A Thing Like Me

2. Go Ahead

3. Incubator

4. Breakdown in Communication

5. Modern Paranoia

6. Flawed Above Bored

7. Soundtrack Trauma

8. Never Gonna Be Famous

9. To Bring Me Around

10. If I Die On a Sunday

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VULPIANO RECORDS, Richey Hackett – Void Songs (VULP-0019)

Void Songs (VULP-0019) is British artist Richey Hackett’s seventh album overall, and third release for Vulpiano Records, the previous two being the single from this album, “Softly, Slowly”, and a compilation of previous material, An Introduction to Richey Hackett. The album as described by Hackett is “an experiment outside my comfort zone to see if I could make an entire album without using guitars” and “an examination of all my worst fears, hence why it’s the darkest record I’ve ever made”, a record of his new exploration of incorporating electronics into his music.

The music here ranges from plodding and industrial-tinged (“Inevitable”, “Bad Dream”) to crunchy, catchy electronics (“Face”, “Softly, Slowly”), dark lyrical themes spread throughout. Void Songs is one of Hackett’s best releases yet, vastly different from his other material not only by virtue of the new electronic element, but the promising direction this work appears to betoken for the future of his music.

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1. Inevitable

2. Drowned

3. Face

4. Mute

5. Bad Dream

6. Last Words

7. Softly, Slowly

8. Planes Over Hong Kong

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VULPIANO RECORDS, Richey Hackett – Softly, Slowly (VULP-0016)

Previously appearing on Vulpiano Records with a compilation spanning his catalog 2007-2010, British independent artist Richey Hackett has just released the new single for his forthcoming album Void Songs (coming September 27th), VULP-0016. Taking an electronica direction, quite a hop from his usual pop-rock style, “Softly, Slowly” is both catchy and unnerving, Hackett’s vocals taking on a haunting quality amidst mesmerizing, hypnotic loops of drums and eerie melodies – one of his best works yet and quite the taster for the album to come! The b-side here is an instrumental, “Years”, mysterious and near-industrial sounding, providing a further glimpse into just how epic Void Songs will be when released in full.

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VULPIANO RECORDS, Richey Hackett – An Introduction to Richey Hackett (VULP-0015)

VULP-0015 is a compilation of this UK-based independent artist (in every sense of the term, handling all of the songwriting, instrumentation, vocals, recording, and producing of his works), Richey Hackett, who has somehow been flying under the radar since 2007. Vulpiano Records is, proudly, releasing a compilation of the best songs from his catalog, An Introduction to Richey Hackett. The closing remark on his MySpace profile – “Pop music is dead. And I have come to revive it. Enjoy.” sums up much of his mission; the creation of catchy tunes need not leave out thoughtful lyricism, which has become increasingly abundant in his works over time. His wide array of fabulous influences have certainly lent a hand in shaping him as an artist, and I was pleased to see Elvis Costello amongst them, as that’s who I was reminded of when hearing “Sixteen” particularly, a kindred spirit in pop sensibility surely. An Introduction to… is a monument to his changes and growth over time, my favorites of the lot being “Wrath” (optimistic instrumentation blended with sentiments of distress), “Empty Out the Room” (a plodding and dark piece with some rather memorable guitar bits), and the pseudo-folksy, chugga-chugga rhythm “Coming Home”. His whole catalog is available for free on, with another album coming down the pike in summer 2010.

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1. You Have, You Want, You’ll Get (Kicking & Screaming, 2008)
2. I Found My Little Habit (…That I Shall Be Tomorrow, 2009)
3. Wrath (Looking into the Dark E.P, 2008)
4. Sixteen (…That I Shall Be Tomorrow, 2009)
5. Getting Worse (Awkwardly Mobile, 2007)
6. Think Like A Shrink (Suddenly, 2007)
7. By And By The Way (Richey Hackett, 2008)
8. No One Hears Me (Suddenly, 2007)
9. Sad (Kicking & Screaming, 2008)
10. Touch (…That I Shall Be Tomorrow, 2009)
11. Empty Out The Room (…That I Shall Be Tomorrow, 2009)
12. Morning Report (Kicking & Screaming, 2008)
13. Coming Home (Richey Hackett, 2008)
14. Last Chance At Keeping It All Together (Conversations With Myself, 2007)
15. And No Darkness In My Heart (…That I Shall Be Tomorrow, 2009)

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