Music Video for Pictureplane – “Chaos Radical”

Official music video for Pictureplane’s “Chaos Radical” from 2015 album Technomancer. Out now on Anticon:

Credits for footage can be found below.

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A Future in Noise Interview: Pictureplane


Pictureplane (Travis Egedy) has been a dominant presence in my music listening since I re-listened to Thee Physical (2011), which I had reviewed favorably here on A Future in Noise when it came out, and realized how excellently it has stood the test of time and how much of body of work in general seems to not only hold up but have an improved impact with additional listening. “Trancegender” in particular had an especial impact on me, as I had spent the past few years entrenched in trans* issues and matters of my own personal identity — bringing about the idea of “go[ing] beyond pure physical”, to be able to say “I don’t care what we mean to them”, reached the heart of my desire to just be, whatever my other identity characteristics may be. Between that and “Black Nails” just being a kickass song to play on repeat or throw into a dance mix, the seeds of my interest were firmly planted.

Pictureplane is an artist that you cannot just scratch the surface with. This is not merely music to dance to, although Pictureplane can serve that purpose if you like; for a start, Pictureplane’s “witch house” referred literally to occult-influenced house music (more of his thoughts on that here). The existence of man’s music proves that those who think music “isn’t good anymore” or “not going anywhere” are not paying enough attention. His music incorporates not only this individual aesthetic but also what he has inherited from a lineage of electronic greats and diverse stylistic influences (check out his primer on Psychic TV). I was recently able to do an interview with Travis via e-mail, which the reader will find below, along with some recommended tracks.

AFIN Track Picks: “Black Nails”, “Trancegender”, “Goth Star”

Photo used under Creative Commons from Caesar Sebastian


A Future in Noise / Marilyn Roxie: What are you working on currently with your music or remixes? Any particular sources of inspiration for this recent work?

Pictureplane / Travis Egedy: i am working on a whole new full length album. it is still kind of in its beginning stages, i have a lot to do, but i am really excited about it. it is going to be a record about chaos magic and poetic terrorism. hacking 3rd dimensional reality and breaking down walls and barriers.

AFIN: Are you still planning on rapping as Immortal Cash?

TE: i just recorded a song with DJ Dog Dick and sewn leather, who together are Dog Leather. i rapped on that song… but i really dont know what my rap name is haha. maybe “lemonade indigo” . immortal cash is a great name too though. but i dont think i am going to put out a rap EP like i had been saying… i need to focus on my new album

When can we possibly expect a new Pictureplane mix or album release?

TE: im not sure! hopefully early 2013

AFIN: As it seems to be very prevalent in your aesthetic, how do you feel your interest in occult and magic has informed your music and other areas of your life?

TE: magic is a daily practice for me. its just how i live my life, magically. its really just about being open to the universe and interacting with it and telling it what you want. it is just a personal interest of mine, so it in turn informs my art and music. 

AFIN: I have seen some references online to a couple of albums earlier than ‘Slit Red Bird Throat’: a self-titled release in 2004 and ‘Covered in Blood, Surrounded by Text’ in 2005, but have been unable to find them. What’s the story with these and are they / will they be available anywhere?

TE: i think slit red bird throat is floating around online. but the other one is so old!! i dont know if i even want people to hear that stuff haha. i have an old page (pre myspace) under the name “area66” that has tons of my old music on there. it is still up with a picture of me when i was like 18 . search for that. haha

AFIN: What does your composing and recording process generally involve?

TE: just a lot of me messing around and playing with sounds. play and experimentation have always been paramount to my recording process. i dont have a set way of doing things. its very open. 

AFIN: If you could describe your fashion aesthetic in five words…

TE: dark art jock on acid

AFIN: Favorite tracks / albums you’re listening to right now?

TE: light asylum, TRUST, physical therapy, unicorn kid, dean blunt and inga copeland, death grips, everything danny brown


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