VULPIANO RECORDS, North Hive – Arrow (VULP-0073)

CoverNorth Hive – Arrow (VULP-0073)

Following up from 2014 Vulpiano release Immersion, the latest North Hive offering is an ethereally beautiful soundscape in two tracks that recalls both the natural and the sublime.

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Note about release from North Hive:

I think, while working on this release I’ve finally approached the line beyond which my own role in the process of creation is minimized. During two working months the overall concept was changed so many times, that I’ve finally realized there’s no need for it. Sometimes the material seemed to evolve separately, on its own, leaving me only a mechanical work to record what was happening.

About project:

North hive is an electro-acoustic project established on May 2012 in Saint-Petersburg. The project is vigorously developing within such directions of electronic music as Ambient, Drone and Soundscape. Great attention is paid to details of the sound atmosphere and timbral modulation. The project is principally engaged in studio work and sound design, and takes part in different audio-visual installations as well.


1. Falling Garden

2. Standalone Complex

All Sound & Music by Anton Berkov (North hive)

Cover art photo by Victor Sukhorukov (


North hive – Snow melting time (2013)

North hive – Cera Alba (2013)

North hive – Immersion (2014)

North hive & Tile shore – Homeworld (2015)

North hive – Gaia (2015)

North hive – Arrow (2016)



vulpianosamplerepvolumevVulpiano Records – Sampler EP Vol. 5 (VULP-0070) collects music from the label’s releases from September 2013 through February 2016. Ambient and experimental, catchy rock, dream pop, and drone all mix here together in harmony. Please enjoy the independent spirit of our artists and feel free to share the music with your friends.

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1. Bisamråtta – “Hud Uppfatta”

2. Raúl Díaz Palomar – “Derribo II”

3. North Hive – “Immersion”

4. J.G. Hackett – “Bootleg Romanticism”

5. Natural Snow Buildings – “You’ll Become What You Fear the Most”

6. J.G. Hackett – “Shadow Torture”

7. Bisamråtta – “Manetar”

8. Ava Zandieh – “Heavy Haze”

9. Marilyn Roxie – “Indigo”

10. DYR FASER – “Estranged”

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Vulpiano Records logo designed by Solange Gularte of Natural Snow Buildings.


VULPIANO RECORDS, North Hive – Immersion (VULP-0051)

North Hive – Immersion (VULP-0051)

Immersion is a beautiful little album. It unravels slowly in its title track opener with sounds recalling nature, looping and enveloping, repetition morphing into change, and — later — voices. Spring-like and peaceful.

“Immersion” fades into the meditative “Hyperborea”, rippling waves of sound carrying the listener onward (and is that kittens I hear?). “Satellite” seems to depart from earth, off into space, more whirring and chaotic than the others, but chaos too is natural, perhaps the most natural thing of all.

“Larva” is the most unsettling piece here, as cavernous and creepy-crawly as one would expect from the title. It tumbles into “Serenity”, which finishes the album. Much darker than Immersion began, the serenity here is touched with a bright piano and spacey twinklings in the background.

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About: North hive – electro-acoustic project, founded on May,2012 in Saint – Petersburg. Project works in such directions as Ambient, Drone, Soundscape. The main idea in all the experiments with sound and space is creation soundscapes of “artificial nature”.

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