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Spotify Playlist: Fragile Beauty

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  • Computer Love – Kraftwerk
  • Who’s That Girl? – Remastered Version – Eurythmics
  • Temptation – New Order
  • Don’t Go – Yaz
  • Come Undone – Duran Duran
  • Lips Like Sugar – Echo & the Bunnymen
  • What’s Your Name? – 2006 Remastered Version – Depeche Mode
  • Panorama – The Cars
  • Young Heart – Live – Gary Numan
  • Lost Again – Remastered – Yello
  • Good Song – Blur
  • Shy – TIGER BABY
  • Venus In Furs – The Velvet Underground;Nico
  • My Heart Is Empty – Nico
  • Andy, You’re A Star – The Killers
  • Wildcat – Ratatat
  • Sexy Boy – Air
  • You’re My Flame – Zero 7
  • I Want The One I Can’t Have – The Smiths
  • Out Of The Blue – 1999 Digital Remaster – Roxy Music
  • The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness – The Feelies
  • No Surface All Feeling – Remastered Version – Manic Street Preachers
  • Melt – Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • Come In Alone – My Bloody Valentine
  • Mouth To Mouth – Landray Vocal Mix – The Glove
  • The Upstairs Room – The Cure
  • Love At First Sight – Lush
  • Use Me – The Teardrop Explodes
  • I Can’t Touch You Anymore – The Magnetic Fields
  • Nothing You Can Say – Holly Golightly
  • Dart For My Sweetheart – Archie Bronson Outfit
  • Phenomena – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Deep Water – Strawberry Switchblade
  • Bewitched – Beat Happening
  • Breathe Into Me – Loop
  • I Want Your Love – Chromatics
  • Rentboy – HTRK
  • Cover My Eyes – La Roux
  • Guilty Partner – New Order
  • Pass This On – The Knife
  • Wild In The Woods (Remastered) – Dead Can Dance
  • Work Me – The Black Keys
  • Take Me To The Other Side – Spacemen 3
  • How You Satisfy Me – Spectrum
  • I Can’t Control Myself – The Horrors
  • Boys – Robots In Disguise
  • I Believe In You – Kylie Minogue
  • I Never Came – Queens of the Stone Age
  • I’m Sick Of You – The Stooges;Iggy Pop
  • No Big Deal – Love and Rockets
  • Bluestocking – Momus
  • Future Freak – Adamski
  • I’ll Come Running – 2004 Digital Remaster – Brian Eno
  • Little Bit of Heaven – Cheval Sombre
  • It’s a Crime I Never Told You About the Diamonds in Your Eyes – The Black Heart Procession
  • Souvenirs – Patrick Wolf
  • Until Then – Broadcast
  • Breath Work – Pictureplane
  • Fascinated – Company B
  • Paradise – New Order
  • Meet Murder My Angel – Soft Cell
  • Please, Before You Go – The Telescopes
  • Aphrodisiac – Bow Wow Wow
  • Call In The Night Boys – 1997 Remastered Version – Talk Talk
  • Fur Lined – How To Destroy Angels
  • Acapella – Kelis
  • Don’t Blow up the Moon – Cold Cave
  • 9 – Planningtorock
  • Blindfold – Morcheeba
  • Let Me Show You Love – Cut Copy
  • I Like You – Phyllis Nelson
  • Your Loft My Acid – Death In Vegas
  • We Will Rest – ADULT.
  • Your Love (feat. Jamie Principle) – Frankie Knuckles;Jamie Principle
  • Looking from a Hilltop – Section 25
  • Hiding Your Present From You – Arthur Russell
  • Tom The Model – Beth Gibbons;Rustin Man
  • Land of My Dreams – Anna Domino
  • Lose You – Peaches
  • Wyrd – Glass Animals
  • State Of Grace – Pink Industry

A Future in Noise ♪♫♪ – Favorite Releases of 2014

Hey all! It’s time for my top 15 favorite releases of 2014. You can listen to some key tracks from these entries and more here on Spotify. Let me know what I missed, too!

Natural Snow Buildings
The Night Country

Beautiful and haunting as always. Official digital release of this coming soon on my label!

Azealia Banks
Broke With Expensive Taste

This album is so solid and cool. The tracks are quite varied in their composition, from those with a dance clubby modern vibe to those that recall a kind of 808 States 90s feel to er, the rude jukebox-ey “Nude Beach A-Go-Go”. Considering the current “feud” going on, which should be a non-event as Iggy Azalea is downright terrible and uninteresting, I don’t know how the hell someone could listen to both of their albums and decide that Iggy was the better rapper. HOW? The mind boggles.

Cold Cave
Full Cold Moon

This is technically a compilation but all of my restrictions for what should be included in my top 2014 list has gone out the window as I began compiling this. This is a compilation of Cold Cave singles, many of which are far better than anything album-based he’s released. “People Are Poison” and “Don’t Blow Up the Moon” in particular make me incredibly hopeful for a future album from him. He has grown so much as an artist, well beyond the honestly cheesy Cherish the Light Years.

Peter Christopherson
Time Machines II

I am still in the process of slowly peeling away at Coil and Coil-related musical matters, Though Jhonn and Peter are both gone, there is so much to pick away at, it will be a long time until there is nothing left to hear that is “new” to me. All the better that there is a “new” release proper with Time Machines II. It’s the droney, pulsing sort of thing you’d expect it to be if you’ve heard Time Machines.

Ben Frost

I listened to this while I was reading Blake Butler’s 300,000,000, which seemed noisy and crisp and weirdly fitting. This music makes me uncomfortable. This is good.

The Horrors

Ah, the Horrors. They have never quite lived up to the ridiculous standards I’ve been mentally holding them to since Primary Colours, which is so incredibly perfect and fully realized. The Horrors still are the modern champions of meshing their influences together well to create something new instead of being part of the hopelessly derivative ‘post-punk revival’ pack (oh, they are so much more than that). This album is better than 90% of what’s out there right now but it is, for them, a bit average. These are beautiful songs, don’t get me wrong, but I know the boys are capable of more.

Cut Copy
Oceans Apart

Yeah, my standards are so out of whack these days that I’ll even put a DJ mix on the list. What are you going to do about it? Cut Copy’s growth and transformation as time has gone on has really surprised and pleased me. In Ghost Colours (2008) was so forgettable and unpleasant to me, and then last year’s Free Your Mind happened to become one of the best new albums I’ve heard! What happened? Like all artists who end up being really kick-ass, I think it is, again, a matter of synthesizing diverse interests into something new instead of just copying them. A celebretory DJ mix like Oceans Apart is its own rendition of this, introducing me to a ton of great new dance tracks, primarily experimental and/or instrumental in nature. Very sunny, a little sinister.

Psychic 9-5 Club

Speaking of unreasonable expectations again, HTRK is another band I unfairly subject to routine “But this isn’t Marry Me Tonight!” criticism. To evaluate this properly, I have to kind of pretend my fave doesn’t exist. This is a really pretty, shimmery album that stands up fine on its own after all and I like to think that “The Body You Deserve” could be about being trans – at least it is to me.


Liars are a really cool band I tend to forget about for awhile somehow and then a track comes up on shuffle or I happen to encounter a reference to them and I listen again. I like their paranoid post-punk feel a lot.

Esprit 空想

Finally, some more vaporwave that is not a lazy sample / slow-down job but an artfully crafted example of using such techniques as instruments in their own right and putting together something cohesive

Aphex Twin

It’s an Aphex Twin album.

That’s all I have to say.

Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 2

I was reluctant to listen to this for a long time since there was so much hype about it, but it really is quite good. It goes hard until it’s over, nice to hear Zack de la Rocha for maybe the first time since anything Rage Against the Machine-related I would’ve enjoyed, too.

Death From Above 1979
The Physical World

I knew in my heart it would not be as perfect as their first and only release about ten years before this but it was not the staggering disappointment I expected either. I think I would enjoy it more if the production was not quite so slick but still, they have got it together.
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Kairon; IRSE!

I’ll admit, I listened to this purely because it kept coming up on Rate Your Music lists / charts. I was very wary of it but it really is shoegaze of the vintage-tinted, dreamy variety. Nothing else to say, I’ll eat up anything like that without reservation.


Ending this with an EP to cement my total lack of care for the type of material I’ve included in this list (compilation, DJ mix, EP – don’t care). Le1f is yet another one on this list that has improved so much over time it just makes me smile to think about and hear. This EP was a frequent bus-riding soundtrack of mine. Even the music video for “Wut” is something I found myself watching more than a few times, seeming kind of iconic in its queerness and pop culture vibes. Can’t wait for a proper album from him.

Source: A Future in Noise ♪♫♪ – Favorite Releases of 2014

Dennis Cooper’s Blog: Marilyn Roxie presents … The Music in Dennis Cooper’s Books

Originally posted on the previous incarnation of Dennis Cooper’s Blog.

It’s no secret that there are musical references in Dennis Cooper’s work. At times music has played a quite prominent role in his stories and the subject has been discussed before. But it was only after I become acquainted with his music journalism through Smothered in Hugs and had read Guide a few months ago that I stopped a moment to wonder just how much of the musical component in his books I had missed. I had been so intensely wrapped in my new interest in Cooper that I had breezed through everything I could get at the San Francisco Public Library at an unreasonable speed. So, I decided to read it all over again both to better understand my appreciation of his works as well as to tackle the project of cataloging the music in these books. Happening a upon a Guide-and-music-focused blog called The “Guide” Thing further encouraged me in this endeavor.

You can view Musical References in Dennis Cooper’s Books over at Rate Your Music and listen to the corresponding Spotify playlist here. Following the text below I have also selected a few music-referencing passages from Cooper’s books and added music videos to supplement them. Horror Hospital Unplugged was particularly enjoyable to take a closer look at for this purpose, because there are many references tucked away that I missed on first, second, and even third passes through, from the integration of lyrics in the background of scenes, to the atmosphere of the record store and bedroom shelves packed with albums.

I am already an obsessive list-maker and, relatedly, a library tech — imagine my delight at finding the best-of lists tucked away at the back of Ugly Man! — so I desired to fill this perceived gap as soon as I found out that someone hadn’t done this already. But I also felt it important due to the reasons why his writing, as a whole, is important to me personally and how I came to read these books in the first place.

I found out about Dennis Cooper around 2009 through this list of Richey Edwards’ Favorite Books, where Frisk was listed. [Richey Edwards: a member of the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers whose history was posted about here at DC’s in 2012] I had never heard of Cooper or this book before, and became intrigued. Shortly thereafter I read Frisk as an eBook and Closer as a check-out from my college library, without reading any summary or review beforehand – no clue what to expect. Afterward, I didn’t know whether I was supposed to be haunted or enthralled. Not until much later did I decide that it was perfectly okay to hold both in my head at the same time.

It is significant that I began reading Dennis Cooper’s books around the same time I was finally coming to terms with my gender and sexual identity. In short, I don’t identify as a man or a woman, but I do strongly identify with gay male sexuality. It occurred to me that the subject matter of many of these books reminded me of the content (rather than the writing style I lacked and still lack: the immaculate, enviable crispness of words Cooper often uses to great effect) of my own bizarre scribblings in my teenage years. Reading an author like Dennis Cooper has somehow made me more comfortable with my identification and creative modes of expression than more positive bastions of “hope” or “transformation”. This is likely not despite but because of the preponderance of devastatingly pretty boys in ethically problematic situations. So much of what “squicks” some people out about his books are exactly what has drawn me in, because I am somehow reminded of what both mixed me up and interested me about sexuality in my past and something that is at times uncomfortable to recognize that is still inside of myself. This is probably the reason why it took me about two years from reading Closer and Frisk to make the decision to go on to read more.

And here we come to music. It has not been unusual for me to follow an interest in a particular artist to their own influences and interests. This not only helps me better understand and appreciate the interest that I started with, but expands my own tastes. In the case of the Manic Street Preachers, getting into them greatly expanded my literary reference pool. Through Cooper I have, perhaps inevitably, circled back around to music again through my tracking of these references. Music has been long established as a lens that I can better understand the world through, especially in the realm of making sense of emotions. Dennis Cooper, through his use of music, makes it clear that it is not just a plot prop: he loves music himself, and so it isn’t surprising that it often plays a significant role in the world/s of his characters, including at times characters with music taste dissimilar to his own.

When I read Dennis Cooper, it doesn’t resonate at all with some sense of self-hatred or whatever else people who think his writing is invariably about “shock value” feel is there. For me personally, reading Dennis Cooper’s books challenge me to interrogate the concepts of chaos, beauty, masculinity, and lust, and on a more intimate side, there is a connection with my own sphere of self-identity and attraction. That he does not hesitate to integrate his kickass music taste when it is fitting to do so makes the journey through this dark landscape that much sweeter.

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» Marilyn Roxie – “感嘆符 (!)”

I approached Marilyn Roxie through her tasty music blog A Future In Noise. She has the flare to scribble excessively on what inspires her. It was on this very place that I discovered The Horrors and their flabbergasting nightmarish shoegaze. Next thing I knew upon reading her latest personal journal update was that she also makes music. And it sounds nothing like the impression on her face or the pinky design of her music blog.

I got her Ermine EP and listened to those five brief pieces of instrumental fear-machines, each driving you to a horrifying nowhere land. Partly industrial and more inspired by doomsday-driven video games, Roxie happens to be a self-taught keyboardist. Most these tunes are generated by a Korg Triton LE Workstation. This is the last track on the EP and it means “Sigh Breaks”. Judging by the haunted organs and the factory you’re suddenly locked in, she has possibly learned a lot from her main sources of sound. Joy Division and Suicide can be good examples and I can guess she finds comfort in the sound of A Place To Bury Strangers not to mention The Horrors themselves. You can download the whole EP down here charge-free or learn a little more about it right here (which is important!).

[♫] Marilyn Roxie – Ermine EP (.RAR)


The latest music movement that I’ve found myself getting hooked into, witch house, has inspired me to put together a compilation of my favorite of the related free and legal mp3 downloads I’ve found through tag radio. Witch house is the name for an oft-contested genre that throws dark ambient, shoegaze, and gothic rock into an electronic blender. If you like Pictureplane, HEALTH, Fever Ray, or Zola Jesus, you’ll probably be into this. Witch house has even inspired pieces from the likes of Pitchfork and the Guardian. Where this mysterious movement is going remains to be seen, but for now, enjoy getting lost in a tangle of tongue-in-cheek triangles, crosses, dark imagery, and some cool, cool sounds.

1. LAKE R▲DIO – Every Little THING
2. ▼□■□■□■ – Blueberry
3. †‡† – »»▲««
4. Coyote Clean Up – totally twilight
5. Vortex Rikers – O
6. GuMMy†Be▲R! – DayDreamingDeath
7. эqЏıђ•x – Noisy Summer
8. ✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ – «>
9. chvpa – temporary secretary (edited)
10. Gr▲ves – C▲p†n†Crunch (Instrumental)
11. Jewels of the Nile – only children
12. Holy Other – YR LOVE
13.ʠƠ Рmew mew mew

Photo by Marxchivist