VULPIANO RECORDS, Kirill Makushin – Infection! (VULP-0077)


Following up from Fake Cats Project’s Temptations released on Vulpiano Records last week, here comes the first full-length solo album from Kirill Makshin. Kicking off with four impassioned, bite-sized string pieces à la Man With a Movie Camera and moving into vocal pieces with haunting, submerged vocals, Infection! is certainly one of the most challenging and off-the-wall Vulpiano releases yet.

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Solo Album “Инфекция!” (Infection!) from “Fake Cats Project” musician Кирилла Макушина (Kirill Makushin).

1. Night

2. 1937

3. Palenka (Feat.Alexei Borisov and Igor Levshin)

4. Next

5. Infection!

6. Instrumental Part 1

7. Instrumental Part 2

8. Instrumental Part 3

9. Instrumental Part 4
Music (1-9), Lyrics (1-5), Vocals (1-5), Bayan (1-9) by Kirill Makushin

Guitars by Alexei Borisov and Igor Levshin

Kirill Makushin: Founder and member of the musical band “Fake Cats Project”.