VULPIANO RECORDS, Derek Piotr – Precurs [Single] (VULP-0093)

Derek Piotr – Precurs [Single] (VULP-0093)

Vulpiano Records is delighted to have Derek Piotr return for a re-release of “Precurs”. Originally appearing as a track on Alias Splinters Routine 7 years ago, Piotr has remixed the track and remastered the 2010 version.

A note from Derek Piotr:

before i officially [as i see it now] launched my solo career, i did a noise-and-spoken-word project during much of 2009 and released it on vulpiano records feb 19, 2010. one track has always stuck out for me from that project, a duet with Carahanni, “precurs” . i decided to resurrect and do a solo only version of this weird little track in honor of the project turning 7, as well as “remixing” the original photos i took for the artwork of lichen mimicking a circuit board. and happy to say after all this years i can still call vulpiano home. wolf piano!!

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Derek Piotr is a Polish-born electroacoustic sound artist and composer whose main focus is the voice. His work often features heavily manipulated vocals and elements of glitch and musique concrète, resulting in either abstract pieces or traditional song structure.

VULPIANO RECORDS, Derek Piotr – Alias Splinters Routine (VULP-0008)

VULP-0008 is the latest Vulpiano Records release, Derek Piotr’s Alias Splinters Routine. In Derek’s own words…: “my ALIAS project is completed. for over a year i’ve toiled,crafting nine tracks,eight of them short and a longer final piece which incorporated my close friends and I uttering my definition for the word ALIAS: “an alias, that which is an alternate title for a person or object. another name that denotes a new purpose for a familiar thing. this new title may be the result of decisions or pressures either internal or external, and typically affects the associations or properties of that person or object at least somewhat dramatically. this new title can be a symbol of change or can simply occur because the old name has been issued to a replacement object.” I (Marilyn Roxie) even appear in the personnel, reading the definition for “alias” on the 9th track! Derek Piotr is easily one of the most uncompromising artists on Vulpiano thus far, blending field recordings and an array of sound collages, making Alias for a challenging, unique listening experience. Also recorded work under – see also related project Derseem (with Carahanni).

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Recommended Tracks: “Endless New” and “Alias”

Source: VULPIANO RECORDS, VULP-0008 is the latest Vulpiano Records release,…