vulpianosamplerepvolumevVulpiano Records – Sampler EP Vol. 5 (VULP-0070) collects music from the label’s releases from September 2013 through February 2016. Ambient and experimental, catchy rock, dream pop, and drone all mix here together in harmony. Please enjoy the independent spirit of our artists and feel free to share the music with your friends.

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1. Bisamråtta – “Hud Uppfatta”

2. Raúl Díaz Palomar – “Derribo II”

3. North Hive – “Immersion”

4. J.G. Hackett – “Bootleg Romanticism”

5. Natural Snow Buildings – “You’ll Become What You Fear the Most”

6. J.G. Hackett – “Shadow Torture”

7. Bisamråtta – “Manetar”

8. Ava Zandieh – “Heavy Haze”

9. Marilyn Roxie – “Indigo”

10. DYR FASER – “Estranged”

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Vulpiano Records logo designed by Solange Gularte of Natural Snow Buildings.


VULPIANO RECORDS, Bisamråtta’s self-titled LP (VULP-0048)

Bisamråtta’s self-titled LP (VULP-0048) follows up his solo EP released last year on Vulpiano Records. Bisamråtta (Vlad Luchansky, Russia) has a style that is subtle and sweet in the ambient caresses and static that travel in and out of your ear while listening…Some songs are more floating and difficult to grasp, though no less pleasing, than others: for example, the transition between the pleasantly drifting opener “Lunga Blockera” and the more rhythmically driven “Hud Uppfatta” is striking.

Electronics, atmospheric noise and sung or spoken snippets, and guitar are all used to great effect onBisamråtta. Luchansky has here crafted another beautiful work that rings loud — and, importantly soft — of the natural world, the body (note the song titles and cover art, and emotion.

Download or stream on Internet Archive, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud below. The Bandcamp version allows you to pay-what-you-want and the Soundcloud version is non-downloadable and contains the tape cassette version of the mix, including specially crossfaded tracks and a little bonus. The physical cassette release is coming soon!


1. Lunga Blockera

2. Hud Uppfatta

3. Mun Kyss

4. Plexus Solaris

5. Hjärta Riva

6. Bröstkorg Öppna

7. Ögon Stänga

8. Öron Ignorera

9. Benen Värka

Source: VULPIANO RECORDS, Bisamråtta’s self-titled LP (VULP-0048) follows up…

VULPIANO RECORDS, Bisamråtta’s self-titled release (VULP-0039)

Bisamråtta’s self-titled release and their first solo offering (VULP-0039) is out now – a beautiful selection of ambient drone tracks: 1. “Dissolve”, 2. “Rörelse av Ljus”, and “3. Sky With Milk”. Bisamråtta (Vlad Luchansky from Russia) describes his approach:

…since age of 14 I’ve been keen on jazz and always been dedicated to improvisation. While studying music for myself, I’ve managed to play with local and foreign improvisers but I still wanted to expand myself. And then I’ve discovered shoegaze and postrock. These genres are pretty inspiring and it took three years for me to combine and develop different style of playing. While I’m still listening a lot of various music, I play mostly free improvisation with other people, newgaze in a trio called ”Kometjakten“ and ambient in solo.

I am very pleased to be adding another fine instrumental release to the Vulpiano catalog.

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Source: VULPIANO RECORDS, Bisamråtta’s self-titled release and their first…