VULPIANO RECORDS, Aseptic Void – Carnal (VULP-0045)

Aseptic Void – Carnal (VULP-0045) is out now. Italian multi-instrumentalist Davide T, known here as Aseptic Void, has followed up their previous Vulpiano Records EP Alone with an impressive continuation of dark themes and masterful use of static, haunting spaces in their music, including silence.

The theme of the album is the flesh and abominations of the concepts of limit. A black hole of anti-identity in which to get pleasantly lost. The truth of the flesh is multifaceted.

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1. Parallel
2. Aridità
3. Beyond The Suffocation
4. Eyes
5. Circumspection
6. Black Toy Box
7. Suspended In The Void
8. Carnal


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Source: VULPIANO RECORDS, Aseptic Void – Carnal (VULP-0045) is out…

VULPIANO RECORDS, Aseptic Void’s Alone (EP) (VULP-0042)

Aseptic Void’s Alone (EP) (VULP-0042) is out now on Vulpiano Records. This haunting EP comes from Italian multi-instrumentalist Davide T, who has also performed the soundtrack for video game Slender’s Woods; it is worth noting that two of the tracks from the EP come fromthe aforementioned soundtrack (“Lullaby” and “Incubazione”). Keep watch for another Aseptic Void release coming to Vulpiano in January 2013.

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About Alone from Sounds Behind the Corner:

The dark mood of the four tracks represents the artist (composer of music for videogames and short films, among the other things), who, in an introspective catharsis, discovers the concept of his music: minimal ambient fractionated on levels of epidermic perception.

Once again Sounds Behind The Corner draws a line, from the pages of the website, that wants to reach out the readers, yet illuminating another label-less artist in the Italian panorama, a feature which we would like to keep as a practice to grow in mutual respect with the artists.

“Alone” is composed of four tracks, developing a theme: the immersion in the dark introspection is the cure to our anxieties, our fears, a praxis as old as man, archaic as the darkness itself, a shamanic practice viewed today as shady symphonic composition. Good listening.


1. Alone

2. Abyss

3. Lullaby

4. Incubazione

Aseptic Void: Official Site | Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | Tumblr | Twitter

Source: VULPIANO RECORDS, Aseptic Void’s Alone (EP) (VULP-0042) is out now…