Genderqueer and Non-Binary Identities

Genderqueer and Non-Binary IdentitiesLaunched September 2010 with the aim of promoting genderqueer and non-binary gender awareness, the site includes answers to frequently asked questions, historical information, and resources. Genderqueer and Non-Binary Identities has over 12,000 followers on Tumblr. The site has been referenced by The Trevor Project, Rookie, Genderfork, the American Library Association, and many more. GQID is currently on an indefinite hiatus.

Selected Genderqueer Identities articles: Julia Serano’s Holistic Gender Concept (7/2015), Your Identity is Not Impossible (8/2011) “It’s just a phase.” So what if it is? And, so what if it’s not? (7/2011), Genderqueer History (5/2011)

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A Future in Noise

avatar_4d4cd428e850_128A Future in Noise: Music blog launched in July 2008. Music news and reviews, features on genres and artists, interviews, and coverage of unsigned and independent musicians. Currently on hiatus.

Selected A Future in Noise articlesInterview with Pictureplane (7/2012), Interview with Richard Lloyd (1/2011), Interview with Calvin Markus (Part 1, 10/2009; Part 2, 2/2010), 10 Great Underrated Bands (8/2009), Gig Review: Manic Street Preachers w/ Nico Vega at the Fillmore (9/2009), Shok (6/2009), Starter Guide: Post-Punk (5/2009), Momma’s Mix-Tapes (5/2009), Starter Guide: Legendary Artist Compilations (4/2009), Starter Guide: The Fall (3/2009), Jaydiohead (12/2008), Mix on a Bench (12/2008)








VISIONBLURRED is a comprehensive directory of links about bands Manic Street Preachers and The Horrors started in August 2009. Includes official sites, forums, photos, fan sites, and archival links.

Cited as a reference in Martin Power’s biography Nailed to History: The Story of Manic Street Preachers.



Photographed by Freak the Mighty Photography for RodeoH (2016)

Photographed by Chloe Aftel for GenderQueer (2014), also featured in San Francisco MagazineHuffington Post, and Slate

Photographed by Elle Perez for The Outliers Project (2011)

Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders


Now available to rent/buy ($4.99/$14.99) on Vimeo. I appear in this movie as a part of the cast in order to share my genderqueer story.

A feature documentary film by Lonny Shavelson

The new frontier? People who identify as neither male nor female: agender, gender neutral, gender queer, and more. Facebook and Google have acknowledged the increasing numbers of new-gender members by listing multiple possible genders for your profile, as well as fill-in-your-own. In the feature documentary film From Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders, meet teenagers, parents, singles and couples, younger and older people who guide you into their world, where gender is not limited to male or female but is a spectrum of possibilities—where the future is the present.

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