Guest Appearances

Guest Appearances:

Chris Goode’s Dennis Cooper-themed Weaklings (10/2015)

Lonny Shavelson’s film Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders (6/2015)

Erotica contributor to the Center for Sex and Culture’s Bookish Beasts Vol. 2 Summer 2014

Reader at A Night of GenderQueer Readings with Jiz Lee, Sam Rosenthal, Carol Queen, Gina de Vries, and Seeley Quest. (5/4/2013)

Guest on radio-style program WAM! It Yourself: Is It a Boy or a Girl? Improving Media Coverage Beyond the Binary (3/25/2012)

Guest vocals on Derek Piotr – Alias Splinters Routine (2009)

Guest Articles:

Dennis Cooper – Dan Wreck and Marilyn Roxie Present…Rowland S. Howard (Part 1, Part 2) (3/2014), Marilyn Roxie Presents…Male Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (11/2013), Marilyn Roxie Presents…the Music in Dennis Cooper’s Books (5/2013)

Amplify – Queer Theory for Youth? It Isn’t Just For Academics (4/2012)

80 Minutes For Life –  Spacemen 3 (11/2009),  Joy Division (10/2009)

SleepWalKing Mag – Independent Musicians’ Tips #2: Get it Out There (9/2009), Independent Musicians’ Tips #1: Establish Yourself Online (9/2009), Artist Feature: Natural Snow Buildings (7/2009), Making a Case for the Horrors (6/2009),  “What Will Replace MTV?” (5/2009)