Portfolio – Manchester Metropolitan

Below are three videos comprising my portfolio for Manchester Metropolitan University’s Filmmaking postgraduate program. My goals for the course would be to gain a professional understanding of production tools, learn new strategies through engaging with professors, fellow classmates, and critical theory, and apply my educational experience to realize a final project. My initial idea for a final project, pending approval and further discussion, is to produce a series of music videos for and interviews of LGBTQ British musicians of the underground. As an artist primarily working in music videos for unsigned and independent musicians, a non-binary person, and a frequent collaborative partner of British musicians, I aim to complete a project bringing these areas of passion together and to raise up voices of people who are often otherwise marginalized. Queerness and self-expression and healing through music is inextricably linked; to create a visual document of the lived experience of artists at this intersection would be of great value to undiscovered artists as well as a queer audience seeking to find themselves represented in visual media.

Marilyn Roxie – Momus – “Virtual Reality”

Visual interpretation of Momus’ “Virtual Reality” from his 1992 album Voyager, authorized by Momus and Cherry Red Records. I was reading Derek Jarman’s book Chroma at the same time I was contemplating doing a video for a Momus track. I hadn’t yet watched Blue and of course the book got me thinking about the meaning of color, so I decided to finally watch it. I was really struck by the fact that Momus did a song for the film and decided to dedicate the theme of the video to the color blue and my efforts to continued inspiration Derek Jarman.

Marilyn Roxie – Neurotic Wreck – “The Rain”

A music video collage by Marilyn Roxie interspersing footage shot of their collaborative and romantic partner Neurotic Wreck during a trip to Manchester in 2016 with stop motion cinema, cartoons, and video synthesis to tell a tale of joyful apocalypse. Neurotic Wreck’s “The Rain” was released on Glow Ghosts for Roxie’s netlabel Vulpiano Records on Netlabel Day, July 14th, 2016.

A meditation on spambots in lust. Text and GIFs gathered from spam messages in Gmail.