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New Limerent Object, the 2009 debut album from 19 year-old electronic instrumentalist Marilyn Roxie, provides 16 tracks that hint at their variety of influences, including electronic masters from Brian Eno to Nobuo Uematsu, krautrock from Faust to Kraftwerk, and library music from Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to Ghost Box Records artists today, as their unique stylings show through the blend all the while.

The entirety of New Limerent Object is available to download for free through clicking the links below- additional links and press excerpts are below, too!:

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-What are music bloggers saying about Marilyn Roxie?-

“Here we have a fascinating acoustic/electronic instrumental offering from Marilyn Roxie, a young California recording artist with an impressive array of influences and sounds. Her work recalls at moments the minimalism of Philip Glass as well as the diverse, sample-based textures of Grouper and Animal Collective.” – Stu Watson (9/09, Death-Media, Record Review: Marilyn Roxie – New Limerent Object)

“Her hot-off-the-presses release, New Limerent Object is an extraordinary testimonial to what an enormously talented person can do when left to her own devices…If you are a serious fan of electronica, the piano/keyboards, or both, particularly (dare I say it?) of the Brian Eno brand of 80’s electronic music and beyond, then get yourself over to Marilyn’s site and treat your ears.” – Sandy Missparker (6/09, Rave and Roll, Introducing Marilyn Roxie)

“Full of dreamy suggestions bouncing like echoes from 70’s psychedelia…to big anime scores…the other ace thing I couldn’t fail to notice is the impressive quality of sounds, leaving the experience of the Tomorrow Never Knownian “Seagull Room” and “感嘆符” a must for my ATA Headphones.” – Mark Zonda (6/09, SleepWalking Mag, Roxie Noise)

“She has created an album of gorgeous, sometimes melancholic, often joyful reverie. If this is dedicated to the spirit of falling in love, in finding a new fascination, it would be like falling in love with the world around you” – j. (6/09, j’s heaven review of New Limerent Object)

“The songs come at me random, sometimes slouching, sometimes deceptive sweet, cruel child ballerina tiptoe.” – Martin (6/09, NBT review of Ermine EP)

“It’s very hypnotic, interesting, melodic, and slightly jarring, sometimes all of that at the same time…Soundscapes, sonic visions, instrumental paintings of blurry photographs…it’s like poetry without the words. There is an ocean in here.” – Marcel Feldmar (of The Red Alert / The Big Takeover / My Life as a Mixtape)

“Marilyn Roxie…distressingly productive American lass who puts out lush electronica/soundtrack/VGM-informed synthscapes as well as teaching Japanese and the history of rock, blogging prolifically and, for all I know, probably composing the odd symphony and constructing a beautiful palace of pebbles in her lunch hour. And her most-played group on is The Fall. I’m mildly in love.” – Tom Redfern, (6/9, Life Just Bounces)

“/eerie stringy synths/
/epic in all the right ways/
/not chill out music/” – Justin (5/09, Anti-Gravity Bunny Ermine EP Haiku Review)

Clearing Clouds is worth adding to your MP3 collection immediately, if only to plug into a downtempo playlist…” – Brandyn (5/09, Stereo Zeitgeist Ermine Review)

“Marilyn Roxie is the somewhat unlikely purveyor of minimal synth-based sketches and soundscapes that don’t skimp on either melody or musicianship. The music is, to these ears at least, something of an enigma. Listening repeatedly in an attempt to unlock its secrets I have now succumbed to its charms, though they remain puzzling and mysterious.” – Andy (3/09, Dainty Records Journal)

-What are musicians saying about Marilyn Roxie?-

“A Triton is in good hands.” – Black Nite Crash

“Your music is too fab for words.” – The Handcuffs

“Seagull Room is incredible. I absolutely love the synth/key part and its contrast with the percussion. Really impressive stuff, the first track almost reminds me of a more mathematical Keith Jarrett” – Movie

“Love it, absolutely love it!” – Bette Dillenger

-What are music enthusiasts saying about Marilyn Roxie (through MySpace Music,,  etc.)?-

“The Californian Delia Derbyshire!” – John P., UK

“Your music is the only thing I would take into space.” – Winston L., Australia

And There I Was sounds like Slowdive, only way more ominous.” – Tony, Ireland

“I had no idea you made such great music! Holy win this reminds me tons of Aphex Twin’s ambient stuff.” – Alex, USA

“Well, while I’ve only been listening to her music for a very short time, I can hear how well and quick she’s matured in her material. You can tell there’s a sense of fear in this, I mean, real fear. Like it’s creeping up behind you waiting for you to turn around…”, Ricky L., USA

“Marilyn Roxie has put out exactly what I was looking for, and that is an electronic album that gets me to feel in the way that I hope my own music can make other people feel.”, Vito G., USA

“Major props to this artist, and no small amount of anticipation for her future.” – Lloyd D., USA

“”! hit me as the sound of Syd Barrett cutting an instrumental track with Animal Collective…” – Ricardo D., USA

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