Music Video for “Indigo” Entered in Short Film Contest

E.K. Wimmer‘s music video for my track “Indigo has been entered into the Wyoming Short Film Contest. “Indigo”, with the charming, and surreal, travelling little piano motif, is up against other video entries, the grand prize in the contest includes $25,000 towards the film-maker’s next project and a screening of the winning short at the Cheyenne International Film Festival. I wish Wimmer the best of luck as I’ve very proud of his piece and he’s an incredibly talented artist. Vote here:

I am so excited to share this! It is the very first music video for a track of mine, “Indigo” (it originally appeared on Selected Recordings 2005-2007 last year and in updated form on the new release New Limerent Object), filmed by E.K. Wimmer, who is a fabulously talented guy. You can see the video below (double-click to view in full)- be sure to check out his YouTube channel and MySpace Music page for more epicness!