Music Video for Vukovar – “The Clockwork Dance”

Out now on The Brutalist House:

Footage by Rick Clarke, editing by Marilyn Roxie

They watch from every window, preparing their advance…

First single from the album ‘PURITAN’ released 25 October 2017.

Written and performed by Vukovar.

The Clockwork Dance:
Engineered by Phil Reynolds & Dan Ankers w/additional by Vukovar.
Produced by Vukovar, Phil Reynolds & Dan Ankers.

Engineered and recorded by Vukovar.
Taken from New Continental, Preston 3.12.16.

Album artwork and layout by Marilyn Roxie and Rick Clarke.
Released on The Brutalist House.
Catalogue: BH-00017

Music Video for Momus – “Virtual Reality”

My visual interpretation of Momus’ “Virtual Reality” from his 1992 album Voyager. I was reading Derek Jarman’s book Chroma at the same time I was contemplating doing a video for a Momus track. I hadn’t yet watched Blue and of course the book got me thinking about the meaning of color, so I decided to finally watch it. I was really struck by the fact that Momus did a song for the film (his words on that here: and decided to dedicate the theme of the video to the color blue and my efforts to Derek Jarman. Officially given the Momus seal of approval!

Voyager is available through Cherry Red Records on iTunes and Spotify.

Music Video for Pictureplane – “Chaos Radical”

Official music video for Pictureplane’s “Chaos Radical” from 2015 album Technomancer. Out now on Anticon:

Credits for footage can be found below.

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Music Video for Natural Snow Buildings – “Providence’s High Priests

An exploration of elemental alchemy in video. Made with members Mehdi and Solange’s blessing. Download Natural Snow Buildings – Aldebaran here:

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