Interview by Keith Helt for the Netlabel Interview Project

What is your name?

Marilyn Roxie.

Where are you located?

San Francisco, California.

Do you save any materials – digital files, emails, physical materials – related to your netlabel? Are you interested in organizing or archiving them?

I have all files at the highest quality from Vulpiano Records backed up on two external hard drives and all email in a labeled folder. I feel like the Vulpiano site, Internet Archive, and Free Music Archive are fairly sufficient for archiving, while I consider the emails personal.

How and when did you first learn about netlabels?

I would have been either 18 or 19 (2008/2009) and I’m thinking it would’ve been through browsing music blogs or

Do you remember which music blogs you were reading around 2008 and 2009 that were talking about netlabel releases?

Aside from New Music Strategies and Andrew Dubber‘s writing more generally, I definitely used the MOG Music Network, Hype Machine, and, which are more aggregation engines that collect/ed blog mp3 uploads rather than being ‘blogs’ in themselves, to find a lot of music, which I’m sure included netlabel releases. Phlow was one of my A Future in Noise blogroll links and would’ve been an early spot I saw mention of that, though I’ve not checked it out in a long time; you can see an old version of Phlow here where that’s evident.

Do you feel like more or less or the same amount of blogs are talking about netlabels now compared to 2008? 

I remember seeing a lot more about unsigned artists who were self-releasing music and of course content about mainstream releases, rather than much about netlabels specifically, and I suppose that’s a big reason why I thought Vulpiano would be a good idea: to wrangle up quality unsigned artists into one spot. I feel like there is a much greater awareness and discussion of netlabels than there was in 2008/2009 thanks to social media, archiving sites and directories like Free Music Archive and clongclongmoo, initiatives like Netlabel Day – the list goes on.

What was the first netlabel you heard of?

That’s a very good question. I’m not entirely sure if there was a specific netlabel I was a fan of before starting my own. I had some awareness of 8bitpeoples. I know for sure I read Andrew Dubber’s 2008 New Music Strategies article on netlabels when I was starting to think about it.


VULPIANO RECORDS, Enrico Falbo – Tranceformer (VULP-0092)

Enrico Falbo – Tranceformer (VULP-0092)

Following up from Enrico Falbo’s beautiful single and debut for Vulpiano Records last year, Il Giorno del Richiamo Estatico, comes Tranceformer, an hour-long swirling, galactic epic. Every track is intense and full to the brim with mystical energy and exquisite musical craftsmanship. The album is both available as a continuous track as well as separated into individual mp3s.

Download and stream on Internet Archive (Continuous Track and Single mp3s):

Free Music Archive (Single mp3s):

Mirror on Mediafire (Continuous Track):

Mirror on Mediafire (Single mp3s):

—Tracklisting (Continuous Track)—

1. Tranceformer

—Tracklisting (Single mp3s)—

1. Dei Divini

2. Trance-Forme

3. Prakriti

4. Psychostasis

5. Del Remoto

6. Tejas

Enrico Falbo was born 20th June 1981. He started playing with various alternative rock bands and studying the viola and classical music. The sound is notable by the use of acoustic instruments, exotic and electrical.

He has composed and self-produced the following releases as a poly-instrumentalist so far:

1) “Canti Silvani” (Album 2010 Self-Produced)

2) “Muse” (Soundtrack – EP 2013) 100 Limited Copies

3) “Suite à la Lumiére” (Ep 2013) for CuHop Installation – 25 Limited Copies

4) “Ballate degli Spiriti Psichici” (Ep 2014) – Self-Produced – Limited Copies

5) “Il Giorno del Richiamo Estatico” (Single 2016) — Self-Produced — Digital Release

Enrico Falbo: Facebook | Soundcloud

VULPIANO RECORDS, Abishai – Various Extras (VULP-0091)

Abishai – Various Extras (VULP-0091)

Abishai’s Various Extras is the successor to the artist’s self-released Various Successes and Failures on Bandcamp and his debut on Vulpiano Records. As with Successes and Failures, Various Extras is an instrumental adventure through a kaleidoscope of genres, including ambient, industrial, noise, and drone. A wide array of textures are conveyed through these experiments in style; dip into the mixed bag and see what piques your interest.

Download or stream on Bandcamp:

Internet Archive:

Free Music Archive:

Mirror on Mediafire:


1. Lowercase Song #1 (01-01-2017)

2. Noise Piece #8 (01-31-2017)

3. Ambient Piece #1 (12-25-2016)

4. Amplifier Abuse

5. Tape Music Piece #1 (10-06-2015)

6. Drone Piece #1 (07-13-2016)

7. Industrial Piece #2 (12-23-2016)

8. Noise Piece #7 (12-25-2016)

9. Death Takes the Maiden Away (Demo)

10. Ambient Piece #3 (02-02-2017)

11. Free Folk Piece #4 (02-02-2017)

12. Microphone Test

13. Chelsea (Demo)

14. Ambient Piece #2 (02-02-2017)

15. Drone Piece #2 (09-09-2016)

—Additional Information—

Track 4 recorded on May 26, 2016

Track 9 recorded on January 3, 2016

Track 12 recorded on February 3, 2017

Track 13 recorded on December 21, 2016


Abishai – Electric Guitar, Amplifier, Acoustic Guitar, Tapes, Drum Machine, Various Objects

Abishai is an experimental artist who likes to explore timbres and textures of different instruments and non-instruments. He does guitar, turntables, vocals, and other instruments for the joke group and bizarre art collective, Cowz II.

Abishai on Bandcamp

VULPIANO RECORDS, When We Live – When We Live (VULP-0079)

When We Live – When We Live (VULP-0079)

Re-release of 2014 self-titled When We Live album (collaboration between Kirill Makushin and Jerry Norton), a beautiful ambient soundscape of chaos and harmony.

Note: This release appears out of sequence with other new releases in the Vulpiano Records catalog due to using a previous catalog number from this same artist. The previous album Songs With Bayan is no longer available from Vulpiano.

Download or stream on Internet Archive:

Free Music Archive:

Mirror on Mediafire:


1. Clear Sky
2. Trying To Find My Way
3. Gold Autumn
4. Welcome Home
5. Frozen In Time
6. Fallen Leaves
7. Desert Winds
8. Last Sunrise
9. Distant Mountains
10. When We Live

Kirill Makushin: Founder and member of the musical band “Fake Cats Project”.

VULPIANO RECORDS, Sampler EP Vol. 7 (VULP-0090)

Vulpiano Records – Sampler EP Vol. 7 (VULP-0090)

At the dawn of the new year comes a new sampler EP from old and new favorites on Creative Commons netlabel Vulpiano Records: Ava Zandieh, Natural Snow Buildings, Neurotic Wreck, Taker 51, Enrico Falbo, Golden Grey, Vukovar, Trip.Logic, When We Live, and Vulpiano founder Marilyn Roxie. This compilation spans electronic and droney sounds to hazy dreamscapes and finally a cacophonous swirl of found-sound.

Download or stream on Internet Archive:

Free Music Archive:


Mirror on Mediafire:


1. Ava Zandieh – “Everything Is Nothing”

2. Enrico Falbo – “Il Giorno del Richiamo Estatico”

3. Taker 51 – “Apocalypsis (2009 Version)”

4. Natural Snow Buildings – “Providence’s High Priests”

5. Neurotic Wreck – “The Rain”

6. Golden Grey – “Greenish Blue”

7. Vukovar – “The Three Shades”

8. Trip.Logic – “Here and Now”

9. When We Live – “Frozen In Time (Feat. Alexander Wieser)”

10. Marilyn Roxie – “The Common Room #6: Misery”


Marilyn Roxie – The Common Room (VULP-0089)

The Common Room is a project by Marilyn Roxie utilizing Creative Commons sounds from Wikimedia Commons, played one after another. To Roxie, the project allows for a sonic encapsulation of the sheer amount of data available online, and the utility of Wikimedia and Creative Commons-licensed resources in particular. Specific rights for tracks are detailed in this PDF file. Most are Creative Commons Attribution or Share-Alike. The Common Room project itself is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

Download or stream on Internet Archive:

Free Music Archive:

Mirror on Mediafire:


1. The Common Room #1: My Way
2. The Common Room #2 – Part 1: Here, More, There
3. The Common Room #2 – Part 2: Resonating
4. The Common Room #3: Baczynski
5. The Common Room #4: First Things First
6. The Common Room #5: Money
7. The Common Room #6: Misery
8. The Common Room #7: My Endless Love
9. The Common Room #8: Actual Damages


Track #1 was created by playing one track after another in (the ones not under another subcategory).

Track #2 and onwards were created by playing one sound after another through the alphabet in otherwise not under another subcategory.

Track #2: Numbers and the letter A

Track #3: The letter A continued

Track #4 B, C

Track #5 D, E, F

Track #6 G, H, I, J, K, L, M

Track #7 N, O, P, Q, R

Track #8: S, T

Track #9: U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Track rights and credits in PDF file here.


When We Live – Frozen In Time/The Abyss (VULP-0088)

Compilation re-release of two When We Live EPs, Frozen In Time (2013) and The Abyss (2014). When We Live was founded by Kirill Makushin (also of Fake Cats Project) and Jerry Norton in March 2013 and was active through 2015. Four magical, jewel-like soundscapes are presented here, a perfect treat for the wintertime.

Download or stream on Internet Archive:

Free Music Archive:

Mirror on Mediafire:


1. Frozen In Time (Feat.Alexander Wieser)

2. Fallen Leaves

3. The Abyss (Feat.Alexander Wieser)

4. The Abyss (Album Version)