Interview by Keith Helt for the Netlabel Interview Project

What is your name?

Marilyn Roxie.

Where are you located?

San Francisco, California.

Do you save any materials – digital files, emails, physical materials – related to your netlabel? Are you interested in organizing or archiving them?

I have all files at the highest quality from Vulpiano Records backed up on two external hard drives and all email in a labeled folder. I feel like the Vulpiano site, Internet Archive, and Free Music Archive are fairly sufficient for archiving, while I consider the emails personal.

How and when did you first learn about netlabels?

I would have been either 18 or 19 (2008/2009) and I’m thinking it would’ve been through browsing music blogs or

Do you remember which music blogs you were reading around 2008 and 2009 that were talking about netlabel releases?

Aside from New Music Strategies and Andrew Dubber‘s writing more generally, I definitely used the MOG Music Network, Hype Machine, and, which are more aggregation engines that collect/ed blog mp3 uploads rather than being ‘blogs’ in themselves, to find a lot of music, which I’m sure included netlabel releases. Phlow was one of my A Future in Noise blogroll links and would’ve been an early spot I saw mention of that, though I’ve not checked it out in a long time; you can see an old version of Phlow here where that’s evident.

Do you feel like more or less or the same amount of blogs are talking about netlabels now compared to 2008? 

I remember seeing a lot more about unsigned artists who were self-releasing music and of course content about mainstream releases, rather than much about netlabels specifically, and I suppose that’s a big reason why I thought Vulpiano would be a good idea: to wrangle up quality unsigned artists into one spot. I feel like there is a much greater awareness and discussion of netlabels than there was in 2008/2009 thanks to social media, archiving sites and directories like Free Music Archive and clongclongmoo, initiatives like Netlabel Day – the list goes on.

What was the first netlabel you heard of?

That’s a very good question. I’m not entirely sure if there was a specific netlabel I was a fan of before starting my own. I had some awareness of 8bitpeoples. I know for sure I read Andrew Dubber’s 2008 New Music Strategies article on netlabels when I was starting to think about it.


Interview by Rave and Roll Blog with Marilyn Roxie and Dan Wreck

Anyone who has followed this blog over the years knows that I have a huge soft spot for 80s alternative music, synthesizers, musicians who think outside of the box, and sultry British voices. When Marilyn Roxie (founder/creator of net music label Vulpiano Records) asked me to review Neurotic Wreck’s latest compilation, I must say I hit the lottery on all counts.

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anecdotal / podcast w/ aaron tsuru 15.09.08 #genderqueernyc


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anecdotal / podcast
w/ aaron tsuru
#genderqueernyc: on lila perry, unisex bathrooms, iand tumblr troubles
a conversation between marilyn & me

Well, on our second try (I messed up the first one), Marilyn of Genderqueer Identities and I skype it up!! We talk tumblr woes, Lila Perry and unisex bathrooms, and fruitless epic internet battles!

OH! and in the intro, I totally botched the website address for Genderqueer Identities. It’s – not the multitude of things I said in the intro. Ugh. You’d think this would get easier! lol

The story on Lila Perry –…repeating-itself

Aaron Tsuru –
and Marilyn –

See the entire genderqueer series here –
Music – “La Di Day” by Podington Bear

Interview By Fabulously Feminist with Marilyn Roxie on Modern Times Bookstore Collective

Via Fabulously Feminist:

As we shift into this new year, Keena and I have been looking towards the future of Fabulously Feminist, and her mother-venture, Engage Space. I am excited to tell you that we are developing the foundations of a community arts and residency program, which has sparked a flurry of research! We want to share and promote the amazing spaces, organizations and projects we discover along the way. Back in November we introduced you to A Southern Woman’s Bookstore – the 13th bookstore in the entire United States. This month, we are proud to feature Modern Times Bookstore Collective, based in San Francisco, California. Marilyn Roxie answered our questions about the collective and their community in the Mission District.

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Is It a Boy or a Girl? Improving Media Coverage Beyond the Binary

Sunday, March 25 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET

Join us for a radio-style program on how the media covers non-binary and non-conforming gender and what we can do to make that coverage better.

Hosted by Avory Faucette of and Radically Queer, and featuring guests with expertise in gender-neutral parenting, non-binary identities, and media coverage of transgender issues, we’ll be looking closely at some misunderstandings the media makes and how feminists can take action to educate and improve coverage.  We’ll consider topics including major media coverage of gender-neutral parenting and education in 2011, the media’s refusal to take supermodel Andrej Pejic’s stated identity seriously, and what articles on genderqueer and other identities get right and wrong.  We’ll also be talking about the best way to cover less familiar gender identities, how journalists can describe gender in a way that is less harmful to non-binary or questioning individuals, and how blogs and social media are changing the conversation.

Guests will be:

Arwyn Daemyir, creator of Raising My Boychick;
Marilyn Roxie, creator of Genderqueer Identities and intern at the Center for Sex & Culture;
Gunner Scott, Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition;
Nat Titman, creator of Practical Androgyny and the wiki

To tune in, join us from your computer at 10 am EST on Sunday, March 25.  A live stream of the show will appear when we start.  You’ll be able to ask questions or chat about the show in the chat room on that page or call in with a question using the guest call-in number listed there.  We hope you’ll join the conversation!

This event is part of WAM! It Yourself 2012, a multi-city event by Women, Action & the Media. For more information about events happening all over the world, check here or email Lexi.

Well, that was a pleasant surprise – Status Magazine published the interview they’d done with me in their section involving interviews with up-and-coming music bloggers (you can click the image above for a bigger size)!

It appears on-line in…:

Status Magazine – Issue 9 (Page 71)

They also included a separate, later post with my top 10 albums of 2009: