Interview By Fabulously Feminist with Marilyn Roxie on Modern Times Bookstore Collective

Via Fabulously Feminist:

As we shift into this new year, Keena and I have been looking towards the future of Fabulously Feminist, and her mother-venture, Engage Space. I am excited to tell you that we are developing the foundations of a community arts and residency program, which has sparked a flurry of research! We want to share and promote the amazing spaces, organizations and projects we discover along the way. Back in November we introduced you to A Southern Woman’s Bookstore – the 13th bookstore in the entire United States. This month, we are proud to feature Modern Times Bookstore Collective, based in San Francisco, California. Marilyn Roxie answered our questions about the collective and their community in the Mission District.

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Bookish Beasts Vol. 2

Bookish Beasts 2014: The second zine from the creators of the comic and zine fest Bookish Beasts held at CSC annually. All original art and erotica bringing together books and sex like you have always desired. Artists and writers include: Jon Macy, Dorian Katz, Library Vixen, Marilyn Roxie, LEATHERFIST, Rian Hart, Avery Cassell, and Miss Ian Librarian.

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