HE – An Adult Interactive Story

Also available at http://marilynroxie.com/he

HE is an adult interactive story by Marilyn Roxie exploring sex and romance through a trans/queer lens of meandering dreams, thoughts, and fantasies.

HE is a confounding web of transient beauty, the switch between dominance and submission, and the senses for you, the reader, to untangle. You may find that retracing your steps reveals new thoughts in certain previous passages. There are five possible endings depending on the paths you take. See what you find in taking unexpected routes. Restart and alter your course if you reach dead-ends or looping roads.

HE includes adult content.  Please play only if you are over 18 and comfortable with this.

The Public Tarot: Generative Fortunes

Also available at http://marilynroxie.com/thepublictarot

A generative tarot reader by Marilyn Roxie. The Public Tarot was made with open-source, interactive fiction software Twine. Purple text indicates word associations with the 78 Rider-Waite tarot images given by 31 survey respondents who ranged in familiarity or lack thereof with the tarot. These responses were then remixed with text from A.E. Waite’s The Pictorial Key to the Tarot (1911), which is now in the public domain.

The tarot card images are of the 1909 Rider-Waite deck illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith, originally scanned by Holly Voley and sourced from the Internet Sacred Text Archive. These images are in the public domain and have been passed through a 16-bit color filter.

Special thanks to survey-takers, troubleshooters, and play-testers:

Hune Ceaulage, ChapelR, Barbara D’Aversa, Devon, the Digital Futures class at Manchester Metropolitan University, feodoric, GoblinSpaceWizard, Nolan Harris, Kelly Jones, Michelle Jones, Ciel King-Williams, Ryan Daniel Koenig, litrouke, The Mad Exile, Ruth Miller, Natari, Ocean, Fex Orumwense, Daisy Polaski, Elsie Profilio, qdot, Ruune, Ant Shea, Tala, Nicholas van der Waard, Wendy, Nam Vo, Bishop Xiong, and all anonymous survey respondents.

The background image is a photograph taken by Rodion Kutsaev and the cursor icons are by MadameBerry, both licensed in the public domain.

Decipher: Digital Futures Exhibition, February 8th 2018

Decipher: Digital Futures Exhibition

Thursday, February 8 2018 at 6 PM – 8 PM

John Dalton Shed at Manchester School of Art

With Aseel Nasir Sai’d Bseso, Richard Evans, Jodie Guest, Michael Ives, Eliot Lee, Karolina Mabiki, Jarek Maciejowski, Simon Birnie Mcdonald, Hyun Woo Nam, Michael Orr, Fex Orumwense, Marilyn Roxie, Jamie Swift, and Marco Zanello.


I will be presenting my Twine game The Public Tarot, an interactive play of the classic images of the the 1909 Rider-Waite tarot illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith juxtaposed with the general public’s word associations with these images. An interface for drawing up a fortune gives the querent insight through generative visual-textual processes.

VIDEO HOOK-UPS Fundraiser and Call for Proposals

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VIDEO HOOK-UPS (videohook-ups.com) will launch on Monday, January 15th 2018 as a curatorial collective and collaborative platform for experimental filmmakers, video artists, and their viewers to share work, resources, calls for submission, and upcoming events. VIDEO HOOK-UPS will not be a volunteer effort; contributors will get paid. We seek support from the arts community, family, and friends to get VIDEO HOOK-UPS off the ground and ensure the coverage of hosting costs and stipend fees.
VIDEO HOOK-UPS seeks to motivate and inspire contemporary video work through the dedicated exchange of art and ideas, bringing together the full scope of moving image today through guided tutorials that showcase a variety of techniques, surveys of art and cinema history, and interviews with video-based creatives. VIDEO HOOK-UPS strives to blur the boundaries of analog and digital video. Engaging tools and generating enriching discussion, together we will make sense of today’s moving image, including:
  • social media and video
  • organization and search of media assets
  • projection mapping
  • video synthesis
  • machinima
  • VJing
At site launch, a written interview series, annotated collection of filmmaking resources, and a calls for submission directory will all be available. VIDEO HOOK-UPS contributors will be paid per article and per tutorial video. Help us grow into a resource and community creators and viewers can count on—for the exchange of practical advice, creative inspiration, and connection.
Submit your proposal to our contributor form here, due 2/15/2018: 

Marilyn Roxie: Showreel – Spring 2018

Links to full videos shown in this showreel:

Neurotic Wreck – “Tell Me What to Swallow”

DYR FASER – “His Dreams Are Connected”

Marilyn Roxie – “Selected Ambient Twinks”

Momus – “Virtual Reality”

Pictureplane – “Chaos Radical”

Vukovar – “The Three Shades”

Natural Snow Buildings – “Providence’s High Priests”

Marilyn Roxie and Neurotic Wreck – “Obsidian Offerings”

Marilyn Roxie – “The Magician” (VJ Clip)