Album Layout Design: Vukovar – Puritan

Out now on The Brutalist House:


To Thee, O Fiend, O Abomination, O Waste Of Existence,

There are no proclamations, only this:

Your joy is our hate… you will suffer for our sins.

The Puritan.


All songs written and performed by Vukovar…
Except ‘Down In The Willow Garden’ and ‘All The Pretty Little Horses’ which are based on the traditional songs.

Graham Duff appears on ‘A Final Solution I & II’.
Elizabeth McNally appears on ‘Once More For The Puritan’, ‘Down In The Willow Garden’ & ‘All The Pretty Little Horses’.

Engineered by Phil Reynolds & Dan Ankers w/additional by Vukovar.
Produced by Vukovar, Phil Reynolds & Dan Ankers.
Artwork by Andrzej Klimowski.
Layout by Rick Clarke and Marilyn Roxie.

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