B4BEL4B Art Gallery: Elia Vargas – Lubricated Substrates 6/30 – 7/29

A recent internship involved assisting artist Elia Vargas with the preparation of Lubricated Substrates, an exhibition at B4BEL4B in Oakland. I helped to prepare designs for paper labels and 35mm slides, shown below, in addition to conducting research on oil production in Oakland and locating assets for 3D printing.

Tonight! @b4bel4b #crudeillumination #crudeoil #earthenergy #light

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Lubricated Substates is a solo exhibition with Elia Vargas featuring his expansive body of work investigating light as material, earth infrastructures, oil materialities, earth energies, and global transmissions. This culmination of his previous works and research will be presented alongside new works, including the US premiere of the video “Signal Works”.

More information here: https://www.b4bel4b.com/upcoming/

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