Music Video for Pictureplane – “Chaos Radical”

Official music video for Pictureplane’s “Chaos Radical” from 2015 album Technomancer. Out now on Anticon:

Credits for footage can be found below.

Second Life and Pictureplane concert footage at the Mezzanine shot by Marilyn Roxie. Video content licensed Creative Commons Attribution unless otherwise noted:

Study for Glitch Synthesis by Atsushi Tadokoro

12-2013 b from Scott Kiernan

Video Loop 15 by Sarah Perez-Queipo

Close Encounter with Arnold by Bogdan Toma

Embedded Phrases in Cosmic Remains by Kera MacKenzie

33 by Victoria Keddie and Scott Kiernan

Hud.acid discovery_89.6000 (loop) by Switzon S. Wigfall, III

disconnected by Jordan Bortner \\ JPEGSTRIPES

Harmonia (Opening only) by Bruno Degazio

Study for Glitch Synthesis #2 by Atsushi Tadokoro

Exhaust (loop) by beeple

Even Kernel by Adam Ferriss

Feedback #9 by Sarah Perez-Queipo

Sunglasses by Eddy Colloton

Video Loop 12 by Sarah Perez-Queipo

Beautifully glitching video stream by Matthieu Bonneau (CC0)

Broken Across Infinity on Seemingly Successive Planes of Instances MATURE by Josh Studham

Heels by Eddy Colloton

SEIZURE SOUNDS by Scott Kiernan

Asynchronous Slime Energy Flow by Malcolm Elijah

DME-450 by Morgan Higby-Flowers

ISF Audio Visual Study #1 by Atsushi Tadokoro

Feedback #8 from Sarah Perez-Queipo

Third Eye (4:3) by Linda Price-Sneddon

Alpha-Omega by Shortcut

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