VULPIANO RECORDS, Sampler EP Vol. 7 (VULP-0090)

Vulpiano Records – Sampler EP Vol. 7 (VULP-0090)

At the dawn of the new year comes a new sampler EP from old and new favorites on Creative Commons netlabel Vulpiano Records: Ava Zandieh, Natural Snow Buildings, Neurotic Wreck, Taker 51, Enrico Falbo, Golden Grey, Vukovar, Trip.Logic, When We Live, and Vulpiano founder Marilyn Roxie. This compilation spans electronic and droney sounds to hazy dreamscapes and finally a cacophonous swirl of found-sound.

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1. Ava Zandieh – “Everything Is Nothing”

2. Enrico Falbo – “Il Giorno del Richiamo Estatico”

3. Taker 51 – “Apocalypsis (2009 Version)”

4. Natural Snow Buildings – “Providence’s High Priests”

5. Neurotic Wreck – “The Rain”

6. Golden Grey – “Greenish Blue”

7. Vukovar – “The Three Shades”

8. Trip.Logic – “Here and Now”

9. When We Live – “Frozen In Time (Feat. Alexander Wieser)”

10. Marilyn Roxie – “The Common Room #6: Misery”

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