Music Video for Trip Logic’s “Here and Now”

Trip Logic – “Here and Now”, coming soon on Vulpiano Records

Music video collage by Marilyn Roxie CC BY-NC-SA

Credits for music video collage:

Public Domain:
All About Polymorphics by Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, Inc.
Composition Morph Static test 06 by Brendan Dawson
Fibration_Static_01c by Brendan Dawson

Creative Commons Attribution:
BeatShader Cube 1 from wavestograves
Cube green by Hugo Ralet
Cube Ocean by kuzy62
Dark Cube 1 by Alex Paiz
Electric sheep – a facinating animated flame fractal by Peter Nørregaard
The Ever Rotating Cube by Joost Markerink
Seamless Loop, Crazy Keyboard. by geneMbrandli
Seamless Loop, Mandelbrot Mountains. by geneMbrandli
Seamless Loop, Diamonds and Squares. by geneMbrandli

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike:

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