the-three-shadesVukovar – The Three Shades (VULP-0086)

With ‘The Three Shades’, Vukovar emerge once more from amongst the ruins of fallen industry and issue a proclamation: but rather than spell it out, these hushed voices speak in concrete-language. To understand you must submit to the subliminal.

This time the trio are joined by 80’s cult movie star, ‘Queen of the B’s’ Dawn Wildsmith; truly a match made in purgatory.

‘The Three Shades’ is a glimpse into Vukovar’s ever evolving creative processes, where the minimal is maximalist and all things real and unreal are just grist for the mill.

The release is also accompanied by the quiet, occult splendor of b-side “33/08/45 Mourning of the Conqueror”.

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Vukovar come from the Brutalist wastelands in the North of England. Ultra-Realism. Depravity. Monotony. Concrete. Hedonism. Silence. Vukovar are idealists, voyeurs and totalitarians. Formed in 2014. Vukovar are Rick Clarke, Dan Shea, and Buddy Preston.

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