Music Video for Neurotic Wreck – “The Rain”

A music video collage by Marilyn Roxie

Neurotic Wreck – “The Rain” from the 2016 album Glow Ghosts is available on Vulpiano Records

Listen to more at: and


Footage of Dan Wreck and Manchester CC-BY Marilyn Roxie 2015/2016

In order of appearance, all licensed Public Domain or Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY), as noted:

The Mascot by Ladislas Starewicz (Public Domain):

Unidentified Flowing Objects – BrainBlink041 by Don Whitaker (CC-BY):

The Sun by Malcolm Elijah (CC-BY):

Noah’s Ark by New World Productions (Public Domain):

Coronal Rain on the Sun by (CC-BY):

Waves on the shore by MGA Photography (CC-BY):

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