VULPIANO RECORDS, Neurotic Wreck – Glow Ghosts (VULP-0084)

tumblr_oa53awadJ21qaikyto1_500A Netlabel Day 2016 Special Release

I am very proud to offer the latest album from Neurotic Wreck on Vulpiano Records: Glow Ghosts. Glow Ghosts has a little bit of everything that sole force Dan Wreck behind the musical project has on offer – sultry synth pop, girl-group inspired broken heart anthems, and sweet acoustic crooning. Recommended if you like Gary Numan, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Durutti Column. Neurotic Wreck has two previous Vulpiano releases: Priceless, Bloody Priceless and I’m Laura Palmer.

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Message from Dan Wreck:

Glow Ghosts is released for Marilyn Roxie’s Vulpiano Records on Net Label Day on 14/07/2016. This is released ahead of Sandalphon on Small Bear Records on the Autumnal Equinox in September. I hope Glow Ghosts haunt you wherever you go.


1. The Wakeup Call

2. Speak in My Voice

3. I’ll Always Care

4. Never Enough

5. After the Quiet Parts 1 and 2

6. Rune Cloud

7. Disconnect

8. One Skin Too Few

9. Our Circuitry

10. Change to Make

11. The Rain

12. Final Lullaby

13. Tell Me What to Swallow


Cover art credits:

Fonts are Monoton by Vernon Adams and Gladifilthefte by Tup Wanders

Cover art arranged by Marilyn Roxie, including IMGP4516 by Emmelie licensed CC-BY and image from page 283 of “Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft” (1854) licensed public domain via Internet Archive.

Neurotic Wreck: Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud

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