Marilyn Roxie – “Gold Rainbow”

For Ludowika at LUDWIG in Berlin

Source material:

Music by Marilyn Roxie


Public domain:

Image from page 537 of “Principles of education” (1910)



‘Rainbow Way’ by George Gittoes w/ live soundtrack Holy Balm from OtherFilm


Fashion Film from Jessica W. Locke


Webern’s Flowers from Jim Papadakis


Static Regeneration: J Benj’s Resolume Contest Submission from J Benj


Aqua Vitae (2014) from Richard Edmunds


leaving the woods from aceslowman


Purple Flowers from HDeezy


Sphalerite Gemstone – ID #365971 from GemSelect


U-Ram Choe, “Pavilion,” 2012 from bitforms gallery


Geometroflora from John Harwood


Low Life from Danika Merritt

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