VULPIANO RECORDS, Fake Cats Project – Temptations (VULP-0076)

tumblr_o7owg0S0Db1qaikyto1_500Fake Cats Project – Temptations (VULP-0076)

Fake Cats Project is a brand new addition to the Vulpiano roster. Experimental rock music band Fake Cats Project from Moscow / Russia was founded by Kirill Makushin, Igor Levshin and Alexei Borisov in January 2015. This EP includes three compelling tracks that are at once both traditionalist and weirdly experimental.

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(This EP includes 3 full versions of our Russian Canon songs)

1. A Dance (Full Version)
2. Temptation (Full Version)
3. The Four Faces of Taganka Square (Full Version)

Music by Fake Cats Project

Fake Cats Project is:

Igor Levshin – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Virtual ANS, Metal Rulers, Razor Blades
Alexei Borisov – Bass, Guitar, Drums, Analog Synths, Tape Recorder, Suz
Kirill Makushin – Bayan, Harmonica

Performed / Recorded / Mixed by Fake Cats Project, 2016.
Natalia Levshina – Design & Layout

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