Vulpiano Records for Netlabel Day, July 14th 2016

logo2016Join my netlabel Vulpiano Records on July 14th as a participating netlabel for Netlabel Day. For listeners, there will be exclusive releases from previous and new artists. For artists, you are welcome to submit details and sample tracks for a release planned for this day. Single tracks will be included on a compilation and any other type (single with b-side, EP, LP) can be put out as a stand-alone release on this day.

The only requirement for participation is that the release be a digital exclusive licensed with Creative Commons. Please contact for more information or submit music through the Vulpiano Soundcloud Dropbox. Many submissions are received regularly and submission is not a guarantee of inclusion. Please specify whether you would like to appear on the compilation with a single track or have a separate release planned.

More information about Netlabel Day:

On July 14, every single netlabel around the world is invited to join us in the Netlabel Day, and you can be part of this.A netlabel works on the Internet to let you know about the best independent music, and for supporting independent musicians from all over the world… So it is time to celebrate it! We are gonna release free and independent music in high quality format, thanks to our participating labels from all around the world.It doesn’t matter if you like rock, electronic, noise or whatever. All styles are invited and every netlabel too. Would you be part of the Netlabel Day? Wait for us until July 14, which is the day when we will release all our music! By now, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Netlabel Day is an initiative by the Chilean netlabel, M.I.S.T. Records.

More information about Vulpiano Records:

Vulpiano Records was launched in November 2009 by synth musician Marilyn Roxie, formed initially as a place to house great unsigned and independent artists they had come in contact with through music blogging and late nights on The concept behind Vulpiano is simple: to offer quality free music with a specialty in ambient, electronic, and acoustic. All artists are linked by their spirit of independence and experimentation. We hope you enjoy and share the music. Are you a music blogger, podcaster, or film-maker looking to feature a Vulpiano track in your content non-commercially? You can utilize any of the tracks in the Vulpiano library free for streaming or download as long as you credit the artist.


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