Neurotic Wreck – “Funeral of Roses”

Video collage by Marilyn Roxie. Credits below video.

Listen to more at:


All content Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY)

Webcam / cell footage CC-BY Marilyn Roxie and Dan Wreck 2015

In order of appearance, used under CC-BY unless otherwise noted:
THE GREATEST FASHION FILM #8 by The Greatest Magazine:

Composition #4 by Jake Bruno:

Fallen Petals by SEN.SE.WA.RE:

[Gould can 5185.4] by Arthur Edward Pillsbury (Public Domain):

Composition #5 by Jake Bruno:

Snowy Day Cathedral by Jake Bruno:

Hammock – Frailty (For the Dearly Departed) by Natalia Drepina:

Texturnica by Matthew Psyllos:

A Rose bud by Microdac:

1 minute: rain by fastrail:

Rose Remoulding by d.chang:

Falling Snow by Matt S:

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