VULPIANO RECORDS, J.G. Hackett – Bootleg Romanticism (VULP-0052) 


J.G. Hackett – Bootleg Romanticism (VULP-0052)

Bootleg Romanticism is J.G. Hackett’s first release for Vulpiano since Trans-Racial Impression back in 2011. This single contains “Bootleg Romanticism” and b-side “Across the Ages”, both slick and catchy and nodding towards the tropes of rock production. The release is in anticipation of his upcoming album, The Sins of Science, nearly four years in the making. Hackett says:

The album this comes from – “The Sins of Science”, is designed to be as overproduced as possible. My inspiration for this was Tears for Fears 1989 album The Seeds of Love, which has always been one of my absolute favourites.The song is about my early days trying to write songs with a friend. We were often overambitious beyond our talents so within the lyrics are references to the titles of the songs we wrote at the time.

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