VULPIANO RECORDS, guinpens – Bubbles (VULP-0047)

guinpens – Bubbles (VULP-0047) is the first Vulpiano release from this mysterious, quietly prolific artist; I heard a revolving door of quite sonically different possible album selections for the label before this remastered release was selected. Bubbles is difficult to pin down – “experimental” is such a large catch-all, not nearly descriptive enough. As with all of the artists on Vulpiano, this guinpens release is a fine testament to the creative feats and that the self-made artist can achieve.

Perhaps the tags “kids” and “hell” provided on guinpen’s Bandcamp provide a better idea of what to expect? Indeed, the mood alternates between pleasantly tuneful and sweet, if trippy, and something darker, “Creepshow” providing my favorite blend of these two sides. Multi-layered instrumentation and echoing vocals, Bubbles is an all around pleasant change of pace and yet another reminder of why I enjoy bringing content to you on Vulpiano.

Download or stream here on Internet Archive or Bandcamp:


1. House Cat

2. The Last Hits

3. 40 Pills

4. Creepshow

5. Ups And Downs

6. Bad Day

7. Long Before Today

8. Lola From Coney

9. It Comes And Goes

10. Pills

11. Sexual Dysfunction

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