VULPIANO RECORDS, Hanetration‘s Torn Heat EP (VULP-0041)

Hanetration‘s Torn Heat EP (VULP-0041) full of delightfully gauzy textures – dreamlike and at times sinister. Based in London, UK, Hanetration has crafted a work of interest to glitch, drone, and ambient fans alike with this EP. Torn Heat EP is a strong follow-up to Tenth Oar EP (self-released earlier this year), including four tracks that thematically build off of one another, from the minimal, yet adventurously engaging “Jurassic” to the closer “Flicker”, functioning as a haunting deconstruction of the music that came before.

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Press about Hanetration’s Torn Heat EP:

“creative and imaginative experimentation” – tomatrax

“a successful follow-up and strongly recommended” – ambientexotica

“something new and something very beautiful” – soundcolourvibration

“all four tracks here are solid and perfect, leaning on strong ambient, drone and neo-classical foundations” – tuningintoobscure

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