VULPIANO RECORDS, King Elizabeth’s MIAMI (VULP-0038)


King Elizabeth’s MIAMI (VULP-0038) is the follow-up to previous Vulpiano Records release Obsessive Desires (2011). King Elizabeth is a true solo artist, performing all the vocals and instrumentation, beginning in 2002 in Staffordshire, England. With influences including Joy Division, The Cure, U2, Stone Roses, The Associates, Comsat Angels, and John Digweed, the sounds of MIAMI hearken back to the heyday of post-punk and synth-pop, but without forgoing a modern edge and individual style. MIAMI opens gradually with a creeping electro-industrial tune, “On These Streets”. Stand-out tracks “Fame”, “The American”, and “Blue Lagoon” incorporate funky guitar elements into a dreamy a synth soundscape. “Miami Sunrise” closes the album nicely with a combination of aspects found across this album that make it so enjoyable – an extended intro, danceability, and insistent vocals.

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1. On These Streets

2. The American

3. Blue Lagoon

4. Touch Me Some More

5. City Of Love

6. Fame

7. Miami Sunrise

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