The latest music movement that I’ve found myself getting hooked into, witch house, has inspired me to put together a compilation of my favorite of the related free and legal mp3 downloads I’ve found through tag radio. Witch house is the name for an oft-contested genre that throws dark ambient, shoegaze, and gothic rock into an electronic blender. If you like Pictureplane, HEALTH, Fever Ray, or Zola Jesus, you’ll probably be into this. Witch house has even inspired pieces from the likes of Pitchfork and the Guardian. Where this mysterious movement is going remains to be seen, but for now, enjoy getting lost in a tangle of tongue-in-cheek triangles, crosses, dark imagery, and some cool, cool sounds.

1. LAKE R▲DIO – Every Little THING
2. ▼□■□■□■ – Blueberry
3. †‡† – »»▲««
4. Coyote Clean Up – totally twilight
5. Vortex Rikers – O
6. GuMMy†Be▲R! – DayDreamingDeath
7. эqЏıђ•x – Noisy Summer
8. ✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ – «>
9. chvpa – temporary secretary (edited)
10. Gr▲ves – C▲p†n†Crunch (Instrumental)
11. Jewels of the Nile – only children
12. Holy Other – YR LOVE
13.ʠƠ Рmew mew mew

Photo by Marxchivist

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