» Marilyn Roxie – “感嘆符 (!)”

I approached Marilyn Roxie through her tasty music blog A Future In Noise. She has the flare to scribble excessively on what inspires her. It was on this very place that I discovered The Horrors and their flabbergasting nightmarish shoegaze. Next thing I knew upon reading her latest personal journal update was that she also makes music. And it sounds nothing like the impression on her face or the pinky design of her music blog.

I got her Ermine EP and listened to those five brief pieces of instrumental fear-machines, each driving you to a horrifying nowhere land. Partly industrial and more inspired by doomsday-driven video games, Roxie happens to be a self-taught keyboardist. Most these tunes are generated by a Korg Triton LE Workstation. This is the last track on the EP and it means “Sigh Breaks”. Judging by the haunted organs and the factory you’re suddenly locked in, she has possibly learned a lot from her main sources of sound. Joy Division and Suicide can be good examples and I can guess she finds comfort in the sound of A Place To Bury Strangers not to mention The Horrors themselves. You can download the whole EP down here charge-free or learn a little more about it right here (which is important!).

[♫] Marilyn Roxie – Ermine EP (.RAR)

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