Hello everyone! I wanted to share a project I became involved with recently called [SSEX BBOX], which is both a social justice film series in the works and a queer quarterly magazine. There are tons of great sexuality-centric (and plenty of sexy) photos on their official site. They’re doing a fundraiser on IndieGogo right now with $1 (PayPal or manual card entry) minimum donations, 100% of the donations going toward the completion of the project – please support them if you find [SSEX BBOX] interesting or reblog to help spread the word! More information is below.


About [SSEX BBOX]: [SSEX BBOX] is a social justice film project that aspires to create awareness and accessibility around sexuality issues worldwide. The web series is based in San Francisco, São Paulo, Berlin and Barcelona, and uses film to explore Sex outside the Box. Film crews in the four cities interview sex educators and regular people about topics such as gender, sexual orientation, sex work, polyamory, relationship skills, and much more! 

[SSEX BBOX] is the first documentary web series exploring sexuality as a way to create social change. Presented in bi-weekly ten-minute episodes, the fifteen episode web series will air online in January 2012.

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