VULPIANO RECORDS, Lately Kind of Yeah – Veldt  (VULP-0034)

Veldt  (VULP-0034) is a newly released EP from Lately Kind of yeah on Vulpiano Records . A treat for enthusiasts of vintage chiptune and video game soundtracks, Veldt  Through cycles stages of an imaginary video game, from the optimistic title screen (“O2”) to boss fights (“Dracula” and “P.Mantium”) and the dramatic finding (“恐怖”). As a bonus, licensed via Creative Commons , The Songs In This work are available for use in online games!

Download here

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1. O2

2. S.Mantis


4. F.Gate

5. uc

6. x

7. P.Mantium

8. 恐怖

From LKY’s bio:

Lately Kind of Yeah is the only output of Nathan Rich (Delicatessens, Why Tired, Biollante) Composed of lo-fi home recordings Influenced by shoegaze, post-rock, psychedelic and ambient music.

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