VULPIANO RECORDS, King Elizabeth – Obsessive Desires (VULP-0032)


Following single release “Homecoming” on Vulpiano Records, King Elizabeth’s full length album Obsessive Desires (VULP-0032) is out now. A solo artist playing all instruments and performing all vocals, King Elizabeth’s adeptness at establishing an atmosphere of vintage post-punk and synth-rock coolness, interpreted through a unique, modern lens. Stand-out tracks like “Obsession”, “Carnival”, “Homecoming”, “Hurricanes”, and “Elusive You” profoundly illustrate the variety of moods found on this LP, from despair to hope and cycling around again, ultimately “an atmospheric journey which is dark, with shimmering flecks of light.”

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1. Obsession

2. A Million Dollars

3. Carnival

4. Homecoming

5. Hurricanes

6. Elusive You

7. Wake Up Slowly

8. Fire

9. Rise and Fall

10.Bend and Break


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