VULPIANO RECORDS, Lately Kind of Yeah – Storm and Urge (VULP-0031)

Storm and Urge  (VULP-0031) is the new EP release from Lately Kind of Yeah . These three tracks call up an atmosphere like that Depicted on the cover: isolated in a clean, uncluttered room, you find yourself … Both comforted and unsettled. Then your mind wanders and you remember Where you are again, just as the music is over. And Then you begin again.

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Lately Kind of Yeah : | Soundcloud  | Tumblr  | Cargo Collective

Tracklisting — —

1. Studio Wall

2. Attractive Room

3. Meets Spider Ant

From LKY’s bio:

Lately Kind of Yeah is the only output of Nathan Rich (Delicatessens, Why Tired, Biollante) Composed of lo-fi home recordings Influenced by shoegaze, post-rock, psychedelic and ambient music.

Source: VULPIANO RECORDS, Storm and Urge  (VULP-0031) is the new EP release…

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