A Future in Noise: Interview with Richard Lloyd

Richard Lloyd known primarily for his solo work, as a member of Rocket from the Tombs and former member of Television, and collaboration with Matthew Sweet – kindly participated in an A Future in Noise Q&A session, following up on last year’s Artist Feature on his music.

A Future in NoiseAre you working on any upcoming musical projects / future tours?
Richard Lloyd: I have a new record out  called Lodestones – Nuggets from the Vault, which at the moment is digital download only through almost all of the major download sites like Amazon.com oriTunes or Rhapsody etc. I’ve had enough demand for physical copy to begin offering the CDs by mail order, in different colors and covers and pictures and also autographed, for $50, through the store we are building on my website www.RichardLloyd.com. I also have some shows coming up in New York as well as a tour of Spain and some other parts of Europe in late May. We have also recorded a new Rocket from the Tombs records which will be out this year, but I don’t know quite when.

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A Future in Noise: Interview with Richard Lloyd

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