VULPIANO RECORDS, Fire Island Pines – Bratislava EP (VULP-0027)

Six-piece UK band Fire Island Pines’ debut release Bratislava EP (VULP-0027) comes from Anton Rothschild (vocals and guitar; he previously released one of his solo albums, The Year of the Kitten, on Vulpiano Records in 2010), and “a band of Cornish indie wanderers”, Andy (drums), Ben (trumpet, flugel horn, percussion), Seamus (bass, glockenspiel), Simon (guitar), and Tom (guitar, vocals). The EP contains five tracks which each serve to signal the talent the band has for weaving smooth, compelling – and nd sometimes groovable, as in the case of “Heaven Till You Say” – songs.

From their press release: “Together [Fire Island Pines] have woven Anton’s bleak lyrics into a jaunty, uplifting sonic tapestry punctuated by shimmering trumpet lines and an unholy tri-guitar wall-of-jangle. The result; a distinctive yet accessible bittersweet pop parcel, is showcased to devastating effect on their debut release Bratislava…Fire Island Pines will be playing live throughout 2011 with plans to release a full-length album before the year is out…” Cover art is by BreeAnn Veenstra.

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1. You Didn’t Mean to Hurt Me

2. Bratislava

3. Opposition

4. Heaven Till You Say

5. Fire Island

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