VULPIANO RECORDS, J.G. Hackett – Trans-Racial-Impression (VULP-0023)

VULP-0023 is British synth pop/rock artist J.G. Hackett’s third album, Trans-Racial-Impression. In an era of exciting electronic experimentation combined with nods to retro synth styles, this album not only fits in but goes more than a little beyond expectation. With catchy beats and rhythm (“State of Flux”, “Too Many Times”) appearing alongside more harrowing numbers (“Johnny Drank His Own Future”) and truly stand-out tracks that deserve repeating, the previously highlighted “Dereliction” and moving closers “Where To Next?” and more organic sounding “Epitaph of the Architect”. The first album release for Vulpiano Records in the new year is one I’m quite proud of.

Download here:

J.G. Hackett: Official Site | | MySpace


1. Can’t Get Away

2. State of Flux

3. Water Addict

4. Johnny Drank His Own Future

5. Too Many Times

6. Lose Yourself

7. Dereliction

8. Where To Next?
9. Epitaph of the Architect

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