VULPIANO RECORDS, Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 2 (VULP-0022)

The sequel to our first EP sampler, Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 2 (VULP-0022) is another great intro to the eclectic label, showcasing the growing variety and offering up a little something for everyone, from the electronic to the acoustic to the downright uncategorizable.

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1. Ricky Lynn – “Loops”

2. Natural Snow Buildings – “Solar flares”

3. Year of the Tiger – “Electric”

4. Richey Hackett – “Coming Home”

5. Richey Hackett – “Softly, Slowly”

6. Microscopes – “Those Summer Days”

7. Tiny Tide – “Right Now”

8. Richey Hackett – “Face”

9. Vladee Divacc – “Expansion Teams”

10. Snail Quail – “Phoenix, AZ”

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